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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dr. Zeinab Shaaban Abd El-Ati Abou El-Naga from Egypt



Zeinab Shaaban Abd El-Ati Abou El-Naga, born in 1980, studied chemistry and zoology at Mansoura University, Mansoura City, Egypt. After her PhD, she performed a post-doc at Jacob's University, Bremen, Germany. Since 2008, she has been a lecturer in the faculty of science at Mansoura University.
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Dr. Abd El-Ati studies the relationship between the chemical structure of the isolated natural compounds and their biological activity in order to illustrate their mode of action as insecticides. She looks for new biological insecticides, originating from different organisms, such as plants and microorganisms, which will be used for the development of new environmentally safe insecticidal products.

I was born in January 1980 in Egypt and graduated in May 2000 from the Chemistry/Zoology double program of Science at Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt. The course was in English. I received my Masters and PhD Degrees in the field of Chemical Insect Pest Management.
I finished my PhD by the end of 2007. Since then, I have had a great feeling of scientific freedom. At the beginning of 2008, I had traveled to Germany to take up a post doctoral fellowship at Jacob's University, Bremen, in the lab of Professor Nikolai Kuhnert working on natural product chemistry. I attended some international scientific meetings at different German Universities, as well as many international and national conferences.

Since 2008, I have been a lecturer at Mansoura University and soon I hope I will be promoted from lecturer to assistant professor — this is my next career goal.



Dr.Zeinab Shaaban Abd El-Ati Abou El-NagaDr. Zeinab Abo Elnaga

Lecturer  in Zoology Department,

Faculty of Science at Mansoura University, Egypt



Date of Birth:  January - 17 – 1980 
Place of Birth: Mansoura, Egypt.
Nationality:     Egyptian
Gender:           Female
Official address: Zoology Dep., Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt.
P.O. Box 35516.  

Fields of interest:

Studying the relationship between the chemical structure of the isolated natural compounds and their biological activity, in order to; illustrate its mode of action as insecticides. Moreover, we are looking for new biological insecticides, from different organisms, such as plants and microorganisms, which will be used for the development of new environmental safe insecticidal products.
My research interest Includes:
-         Chemistry of natural products (extraction, fractionation. Isolation, spectral analysis, identification, and insecticidal activity test.
-         Spectroscopic means: GC/MS, LC/MS-MS, IR, UV & NMR of organic molecules.
-         Harmful insects (specially mosquitoes and strode grain insect pests) control by discovering and seeking of the new natural insecticides.
-         Dealing with medicinal and aromatic plants as a reach source of natural bioactive products.
-         Assessment of water resources and their management as an important issue for sustainability.

Practical experiences:

1.    Entomologist specialized in the field of controlling insects and their biology.
= Identification of Anopheline, Culicine and Aedes.
= Collection of adult mosquito using different type of collection methods,  (Indoor, Outdoor, Light trap, Exit trap, Drop net, Bed net, Fabricated trap, All night man landing collection etc.,)
= Collection of immature from the field, Oviposition experiments, Colony maintenance of vector species.
= Species composition and seasonality, prevalence of vector mosquitoes Colonization and rearing of different vector species
=  Evaluating the insecticidal activity of purely isolated natural chemicals

2. On the other hand of Chemistry, expert in dealing with scientific instruments (spectral analysis instruments) by having a training in the use of GC/MS (Varian Saturn 2100) and high field NMR spectroscopy (Jeol ECX 400 MHz), independently. in addition to using the most recent spectral instrument LC-MS tandem mass (Bruker HCT ultra) and the modern NMR spectroscopy (2-D NMR). All of these experiences were gained in Jacobs University (IUB), Bremen, Germany.

3. Boi-assay data statics
4.Using scientific computer programs such as: Chemoffic, Chemwin, Ldp- line and SPSS statistical program, in addition to the adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office programs, and the scientific databases (e.g. SciFinder CAS).

1- Local preparatory training in the information technology software (Dos, Windows, Microsoft office & internet) also, introduction to PC maintenance & protection, from 12/5/2001 – 5/7/2001.
2- Local training on the study and research skills in English, Faculty of Education, Mansoura University,  from 12/5/2001 – 5/7/2001.
3- Local training on management skills and public relations, Faculty of Business, Mansoura University, from 12/5/2001 – 5/7/2001.
4- Training in the Mansoura University Development Centre (E-mail: udc@mans.edu.eghttp://udc.mans.edu.eg/ )
 a. Thinking Skills, (20 hrs), from 5-8 June 2005.
 b. Methods of Scientific Researches, (20 hrs), from 19-22 June 2005.
c. Effective Presentation Skills, (20 hrs), from 31/7/05 – 3/8/05.
 d. Effective Communication Skills, (20 hrs), from 18- 21 September 2005.
e. Research projects of local and global competitiveness, (16 hrs), from 23-25 November 2008
f. Quality standards in the learning process,(16 hrs), from 1-3 January 2009
g.Scientific Publishing, (16 hrs), from 19-22 April 2009
h. Conferences Organization(16 hrs) from 21-24February 2010
 5- Complementary course in the installation of the electronic microscope and uses different methods and different sample processing vital, Zagazig University, Faculty of Science, Electron Microscope Centre, from 25-27 March, 2007 .
6- Having a program of Universal Lecturer training cycle number 61, Faculty of Education, Mansoura University, 1-11 July 2007. 
7- The ICTP (International Computer Training Program), Faculty of Computer & Information Sciences, Mansoura University,
8-     Participant in the “FP7 Workshop”.13th November 2008 organized by DAAD. In addition to “proposal writing workshop” 11th November 2008.
9-     Attendance of Session to prepare leaders, from 24th to 29th of July 2009.
10- Training at the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education. The training courses are in a preparation of external per reviewers and stimulation modules, for pre university Education system. From 09th - 19th  August, 2009
11- Attending the first German-Egyptian DAAD Alumni workshop for Social Scientists: Transition and Crisis: Economic challenges for Germany and Egypt compared, in 21st  November 2009 in Cairo, Egypt  
12-A member of DAAD Alumni Academy (Certificate - 2nd Intake). A training courses in the following subjects:Communication in teams , Basics of Management and Leadership , Time Management and Planning , Strategic Management , Conflict Management and Negotiation , and Finance for Non-Financials,Creativity, Business planing, positive thinking, change management, solution thinking .
13-Attending the first TOT Pathways Project, Held in Mansoura,  13-17 May 2011
14-Passed the TOT (prep47), Held in Mansoura,16-20 July 2011.

Professional & Teaching Experience:

Responsible for teaching some academic courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Zoology department, faculty of Science, Mansoura University.
-Presenting some training courses for the graduating students during summer training period. 
1- Practical Courses & Lectures taught by applicant
1-      Chemistry of natural product insecticides (Lectures).
2-     Entomology (Taxonomy, Anatomy, Morphology, Micro-techniques, and histopathology) (Lectures & Practical).
3-     Ecology & Egyptian fauna (Lectures & Practical).
4-    Chemical control of insects (Lectures & Practical).
5-     Insecticidal applications and activity. (Lectures & Practical)
6-     The basics of Cytogenetic and Genetic engineering (lectures, & practical)  
7-     General Zoology.
The designed E-Courses by the applicant:
1-     Chemistry of natural product insecticides course
2-     General Entomology & insect morphology course
3-     An introduction of Ecology course

Fellowships & Awards:

·      Attendance a workshop on “Architeccture in Nanospace” by Nobel laureate, Sir Harold Kroto. At Jacobs University (IUB), Bremen, Germany. May 27, 2008.

·      Participant in SUMMER SCHOOL 2009 (NOP), “Sustainability in the organic chemistry lab course” at Technische Universitat, Carolo-Wilhelmina, Zu Braunschweig, Germany. From 24th March  to 4th, April 2009.

·      Attendance the 2nd half of the UN Decade conference(UNESCO for Education for Sustainable Development, ESD), held in Bonn, Germany. From March, 31th to April 3rd 2009.

·      Participant at the International Symposium on “Chances and risks of wastewater recycling, urgent issue for sustainability”, TU Braunschweig, Germany. From 24th Oct – 7th Nov 2009. Funded by DAAD alumni program, Germany.

·      Participant at the international meeting on "Microalgae- Sustainable Resource for Energy and Chemical Feedstock Production – Scientific Aspects and Industrial Applications", TU Braunschweig, Germany. From 27.06 – 04.07. 2010. Funded by DAAD alumni program, Germany.

·      DAAD-WinterSchool, & online Educa 2010: "Accreditation: E-learning in the age of globalization " , Freie University Berlin, Germany. From 22rd November to 4th December. Funded by DAAD alumni program, Germany.

·      Awardof the best PhD thesis in the biological Science, Mansoura University, Egypt (2008-2010).

·      Winning the title of; "Women in Chemistry, June, 2011"; by WILEY-VCH, the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011).http://www.chemistryviews.org/details/ezine/1059875/Women_in_Chemistry__Interview_with_Zeinab_Shaaban_Abd_El-Ati_Abou_El-Naga.html

Scientific projects:

·        Project Partner " Molecular studies and different methods for controlling  mosquitoes insect in El-Dakahlia governorate". Funded by the research unit, Mansoura University. (2006-2008).
·        Project partner "Secondary metaboliteschemistry of algal species from Saudi Red Sea coast" funded by deanship of scientific research
No.(8-003 /9 2 4),(2009-2010).
·        Project Partner; "Socioeconomic impact of Jatropha oil for biodiesel production". Funded by the research unit, Mansoura university.(2010-2012)

Education projects:
  • Active member at the Continuous Improvement and Quality Accreditation  Project (CIQAP) , Faculty of Science-Mansoura University, funded by the national authority for quality assurance and accreditation of education.
  • Project Partner of the Alunmi Special Project "Education for Sustainable Development", (2009).


1-     Member of the Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS)…………………………………………….…………...(2010- 2011).
2-     The natural health product Research Society of Canada (NHPRS) (2009-2011).
3-     Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences (ESES) …………...(2009-2011).
4-     Arab society for plant protection (ASPP)………………………... (2009-2011).
5-     Member of the DAAD Alumni Academy………………………...(2010-2011).
6-     Member of DAAD Alumni Verein Ägypten……………..………..(2010-2011)


  • Attending the “Science year follow up Event”. 10th and 11th November 2008 organized by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • Attending the “Germany Alumni Fair”. 12th and 13th November 2008 organized by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in cooperation with other German institutes, at the Conference Center of Cairo University
  • Attending the “Science Supercourse Day”at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 05 January 2009
  • Organizing member in “Youth Week for Egyptian universities” held in Mansoura University from 7th February to 12th February 2009
  • A reviewer at the European journal of Operational Research (EJOR)
  • A reviewer at the Bio-resources technology journal (BITEJ)
  • Organizing member in “the 2nd international conference on biological and environmental sciences (ICBES 2nd) which will takes place in Mansoura University-faculty of science (Zoology & Botany Dep.) from 13 to 16 March 2010.
  • A member of DAAD Alumni Academy (Certificate - 2nd Intake). At DAAD Cairo office from 2nd March to 11th of May (2010).
  • Advisor to the student commission for art activity of the student union at the faculty of Science, (2010).
  • Consultant in the field of environmental safe insecticides. 

Special skills:
       Skill                                          Relative Grade
- Reading and research                           Excellent
- Communication with others                 very diplomatic
- Computer and internet skills                Excellent

Academic Qualifications:

* B.Sc. in Science, Chemistry and Zoology: Mansoura University, Faculty of Science, Zoology &Chemistry, (2000)
* M.Sc. in Science, Entomology (Chemistry of natural insecticides): Mansoura University, Faculty of Science, Entomology, (2004)
Recorded Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science: Mansoura University, Faculty of Science, Entomology, and the recording date were from 2005.
* Ph.D. in Science, Chemistry of Natural Insecticides: titled with “Biological and chemical studies of some natural plant extracts and their constituents for the control of the household mosquito”, Mansoura University”, February (2008).
* Postdoctoral fellowship (Chemistry) at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany June, 2008.

Academic Positions:

1- Assistant researcher at the system of the Environmental Affairs, time from 9 to 11-2001.
2- Restorative in Department of Zoology-Faculty of Science- Mansoura University, from 12/2002 – 9/2004.
3- Assistant Lecture in Department of Zoology-Faculty of Science- Mansoura University, from 2004-2008.
4- Lecturer in Department of Zoology-Faculty of Science- Mansoura University, from April-2008 till now.

Mother tongue: Arabic
Speaking: very good ( believing with constant and never-ending improvement)
Writing:     very good
Understanding:   very good
-     German:
Studying  courses (ZD) in German languish at deutsche Welle online learning.
Practicing electronically via Livemocha website,  http://www.livemocha.com/


·  9th International Conference on Chemistry & its Role in Development (ICCRD’9), held in Mansoura & Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt, from 16-22 April 2007.
·  1st International Conference for Biological & Environmental Sciences (ICBES’1), held in Mansoura & Hurghada, Egypt, from 13-16 March 2008.
·  10th International Conference on Chemistry & its Role in Development (ICCRD’9), held in Mansoura & Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt, from 16-22 April 2009.
·  2nd half of the UN Decade conference(UNESCO for Education for Sustainable Development, ESD), Bonn, Germany, from March, 31thto April 3rd 2009.
·  2nd International Conference for Biological & Environmental Sciences (ICBES’1), held in Mansoura & Luxor,Egypt, from 16-21 March 2010.
·7th NHPRS Research Conference, held in Halifax, Canada, from 23-26 May, 2010.
· e.KnowNet "Science from the Lab to the Public, Berlin, Germany, 29-30 November 2010.
·Online Educa 2010, Berlin, Germany, 1-4 December 2010. 
·The Egyptian-German Society of Zoology conference, Bani Sweif university, Faculty of Science, March, 2011.

List of Publications:

1-   Salem H. A., *Abo El-Zahab M. M., and Abd El-Aty, Z. Sh., " Effect of some Pure Natural Products from khella plant Ammi majus (Fam.: Umbelliferae) against Culex pipiens Mosquito Larvae". J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool. Vol. (50E): Entomology 99-116, (2006). 

2-Salem H. A., and Abd El-Aty, Z. Sh.,. Insecticidal and Histopathological Effects of Piperine from Black Pepper Piper nigrum(Fam.: Piperacecae) against Culex pipiens Mosquito Larvae. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool. Vol. (56E): Entomology 57-78, (2008).

3-Sallam A. M., and Abu-Elnaga, Z. Sh., (2008). Evaluation of the insecticidal and repellent activity of Piperine from black pepper (Piper nigrum) fruits, on the cotton-leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool.

4-Sallam A. M., and Abd El-Aty, Z. Sh. Insecticidal activity of some natural products on the confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera:  Tenebrionidae). 9th International Conference on Chemistry & its Role in Development (ICCRD’9), held in Mansoura & Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt, from 16-19 April 2007.

5-   Sallam A. M., Mamdouh A. M and Abd El-Aty, Z. Sh. (2008). Larvicidal and mosquito repellent action of lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia). International Conference for Biological & Environmental Sciences (ICBES’1), held in Mansoura & Hurghada, Egypt, from 13-16 March 2008.

6-      Z. Abo Elnaga, N. Kuhnert , M. Abdel-Mogib, "Insecticidal activities of Zingiber officinalis and cynbopogon nardus”, Pharmaceutical Biol. 2009, 47, 27.

7-      Science Super-course author; "Green chemistry and its role for sustainability" linked athttp://ssc.bibalex.org/author/info.jsf;jsessionid=136DDD142968270065F19DDBDE81CC81?aid=A788836AF7329DD3DB3417B62D2CDAD5&type=&id=&page=9&term=Search
8-        Walied M. Alarif, Zeinab S. Abou-Elnaga,*,Seif-Eldin N. Ayyad, Sultan S. Al-lihaibi, (2010) :" Insecticidal Metabolites from the Green Alga Caulerpa racemosa", CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water, (38), Issue 5-6, pages 548–557.

9-        Z. Abou-ElNaga, A. El Demerdash, E. M. Keshk, A. M. Dawidar, and M. Abdel-Mogib, 2011:"Chemical constituents and insecticidal activities of the non-polar extract of Curcuma longa against Tribolium confusum",clean J. (under reviewing).

10-    Zeinab S. Abou-Elnaga, Walied M. Alarif, Sultan S. Al-lihaibi, (2011): New Larvicidal Acetogenin from the red algaLaurencia papillosaCLEAN – Soil, Air, Water (accepted and inpress).

  • Prof Dr Mamdouh Abd-Elmogib Mohamed,   Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura university, Egypt. (mamdouh_m@mans.edu.eg )
  • Prof Dr. Nikolai Kuhnert, Jacob's University, Bremen, Germany, (n.kuhnert@jacobs-university.de)
  • Prof Dr. Mufed Bahadir, TU Braunschweig, Germany.  (m.bahadir@tu-bs.de) 
  • Prof Dr Abd-Elraof Sallam, (+2) 0163527757
  • Prof Dr. Sultan Allihaibi, Professor of Marine Chemistry Faculty of Marine Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, PO. Box 80207, Jeddah   21589, Saudi Arabia. (sallihaibi@kau.edu.sa)

around the world is proud of them Egyptians everywhere their first attention from an individual has no value and will give you all the attention they deserve from us and thanks to them we are proud that we are Egyptians.

Lady in the world of chemistry Egyptian .....

Managed researcher Dr. Zainab Shaaban Naga teacher Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University of the discovery of chemical compounds extracted from plant Ipecac water and algae to combat mosquitoes and the support of Jacob German University. 
and thus Mansoura University has achieved a victory and scientific achievement unprecedented in the field of preserving human health and environmental safety, and came win the title of Lady Zeinab Chemistry in 2011 within ten researchers in the world , 

after successfully detect these compounds. Said Dr. Zeinab, according to the newspaper "Al-Ahram" it is the only Arab who won this title the nomination of Publishing Scientific World (Wiley) and the United Nations on the occasion of the centenary of the Nobel Prize in chemistry to Madame Marie Curie and added that the study included a compilation of some of the important plants Medical and safe to humans and the environment in order to draw and discover chemical compounds naturally have an impact Ebadi and repelling insect mosquitoes in order to control more roads safe for the environment. and that for the first time are separated two compounds in pure plant Ipecac and are very effective in the destruction of insect mosquito This is a scientific achievement unprecedented did not mention or record the scientific literature before. The researcher said she has done the most recent analysis in order to identify the conclusion and effective chemical composition of materials through Dr. Nikolai Conrt factory for natural products chemistry at the German University.

Selected Publications

Dr. Zeinab Abo Elnag Prize

Mansoura University was founded in 1972 in Mansoura city, Egypt. Mansoura University is located at the middle of the Nile Delta in Egypt. It is one of the biggest Egyptian universities and has contributed much to the cultural and scientific life in Mansoura and Egypt



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