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Friday, 9 October 2015



Assistant Professor at Beirut Arab University
Beirut Arab University
Department of Chemistry
Debbieh, Lebanon
Phone:(+961) 71 831 432



Assistant Professor

Beirut Arab University
– Present (3 years 2 months)Beirut
Assistant Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry

Visiting Scholar

Michigan State University
(2 months)East Lansing, MI
- Development of novel biomarkers for detection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Research Assistant Professor

Michigan State University
(1 year)
- Molecular imaging (MRI, bioluminescence, confocal microscopy..)
- Nanoparticle development and optimization
- In vitro and in vivo evaluation of therapeutics
- Organic synthesis

Research Associate

Michigan State University
(2 years)East Lansing
Organic synthesis, nanoparticle formulation, molecular imaging



Lebanese University

BS, Chemistry

Makassed High School


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 Dr. Mohammad El-Dakdouki from the Chemistry Department at Beirut Arab University attended the celebration of the naming of the Davis-Beirut Reaction at the ...


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///////// Dr.MOHAMMAD H.EL-DAKDOUKI, Beirut Arab University. Department of Chemistry