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Saturday, 7 March 2015



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WUXI JINXIN BIOSCIENCES CO., LTDwas founded in 2013 It is an integrated chemistry CRO and CMO and focuses on developing pharmaceutical intermediates, peptide, cosmetic ingredients and dietary supplement ingredients, from lab scale to full scale manufacturing. After years of operation, our technological management team consists of experienced Ph.D. and M.S. who are familiar with the industry.

Located in Wuxi New District, 2 hour driving from Shanghai, China, JINXIN BIOSCIENCES is dedicated to provide the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries with professional chemistry services. We owns 53, 820 sft total standing alone R& D building in Wuxi with 13 synthetic labs, 1 kilo lab and 1 analytical lab. Our R& D building is equipped with Bruker 400MH NMR, Agilent 1200 HPLC, Analytical LCMS, Preparative LCMS, GCMS, Microwave synthesizers and other modern equipments. We have two cooperative plants with reactors from 50L to 5000L, low temperature vessels ( -80¡ æ ) and high pressure and temperature vessels ( 12MPa, 250¡ æ ) . Our compounds can be scaled up to tons in our manufacturing base with some other equipments, such as rectification column, muti-function workshop, clean workshop and so on.

We put top priority on the belief of super quality, punctual delivery, reasonable prices, best reputation and would like to have cooperate and create value with all customer for together.


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