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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Irina Robu

Irina Robu
Irina Robu
Scientist with Experience in Stem Cell, Bioreactors and Biomaterials

  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    Detroit, Michigan, United States
Energetic, enthusiastic scientist - chemical engineering, bioengineering of stem cells, biomaterials; photographer, traveler....
 Irina Robu (@irirobu) | Twitter


Dynamic, resourceful and focused professional seeking employment in Pharma/Biomedical Devices Industry.
Specialties: Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering ,Biomaterials, Bioreactor Development and Culture, Stem Cells, Biochemical Assays, Primary, Stem Cell and Tissue Cell Culture, Biofilms,Segmental Bone Defects, Process Development, Process Research.
Additional specialties: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Process Design and Process Control


Patent Analyst - Chemistry and Biotechnology

Landon IP
July 2012 – January 2013 (7 months)
Performed Evidence-of-Use studies by analyzing chemical, biochemical or biochemical engineering products currently used in the market that may be infringing on a patent of interest.
Performed qualitative analysis of patents and patent portfolios from, scientific, technical and business perspective.
Analyzed biomedical/chemical and biomedical device related databases (NCBI, PUB Med), IEEE journals,dissertations, thesis and other technical documentation for relevant prior art.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis
August 2011 – July 2012 (1 year)Indianapolis, Indiana Area
Designed and executed experiments involving mesenchymal stem cell and endometrial culture isolation, expansion, differentiation,characterization and identification.
Explored the osteogenic differentiation potential of MSC and endometrial stem cells to test their feasibility for bone tissue engineering applications.
Carried out in-vitro cell studies to assess osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on type-II collagen sheets.
Conducted implant studies to check the effects of 3D cylindrical SLS scaffolds on bone formation in rats.
Analyzed the 3D cylindrical bioglass scaffolds pre-implantation using a) FTIR, XRD and SEM to assess their amorphousity, chemical bonding, composition and surface morphology of the scaffold and using MTS to assess their mechanical stability, b) histology to assess the presence of mineralized calluses bridging the gap of the segmental bone defects and c) verified the presence of tissue using micro-CT.

Graduate Research Assistant in Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Wayne State University
January 2005 – May 2011 (6 years 5 months)
Provided technical training for undergraduate, master's and laboratory personnel in using basic laboratory equipment and cell culture techniques.
Managed/mentored 4 undergraduate students for project completion and scientific skill development.
Identified optimal concentrations of polysaccharides and extra-cellular matrix substances to generate vascular graft scaffolds with desired mechanical properties.
Prepared composite (combination of non-porous and porous) and three-dimensional porous scaffolds for tissue engineered implants applications e.g. vascular graft.
Characterized the three dimensional porous scaffolds using mechanical and morphological methodologies such as XRD, SEM and Instron to assess their pore size, pore geometry, interconnectivity and % of void space and their efficiency for bioreactor culture.
Designed and assembled continuous and perfusion bioreactor cell culture system with external gas and medium oxygenation capabilities for conducting in vitro biomaterials – cell interaction studies.
Enhanced bioreactor performance by controlling the critical process parameters such as medium composition, flow and optimal scaffold seeding.
Presented research work at 13 national and international conferences.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Wayne State University
2007 – 2010 (3 years)
Offered assistance with projects, homework, design project, HYSIS term project.
Presented fundamental concepts and test strategies, graded student assignment and exams for Thermodynamics (CHE 3300) and Transport Phenomena (CHE 3200), Product and Process Design (CHE 4200) and Process Dynamics and Simulation (CHE 4600), Chemical process Integration (CHE 4800) and Material and Mass Balances (CHE 2800).

Graduate Research Assistant

Wayne State University
2003 – 2004 (1 year)Greater Detroit Area
Prepared and evaluated large density gradient experiments with compressible supercritical CO2 and calibrated single ray path inhomogeneous supercritical CO2.

Research Engineer

Detroit Edisson- Warren Service Center
May 2002 – April 2003 (1 year)
Conducted plant surveys of chemical usage for chemical consumption database and cost savings analysis.
Performed routine experiments, analysis and calculations for internal reports.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Expert, Author and Writer

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence
June 2014Science and Technology
Research Categories:
•Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering
•Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine
•Bone Disease and Musculoskeletal Disease
•Cell Therapy
•Medical Devices: Stents and Tools
•Technology Transfer: Biotech and Pharmaceutical
•Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery

Causes Irina cares about:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Science and Technology


Wayne State University

  • Tissue and Hybrid Systems
  • Biomaterials
  • Biocompatibility
  • Advanced Kinetics and Reactor Design
  • Advanced Thermodynamics


Wayne State University

Doctoral Degree, Chemical Engineering
2005 – 2011
Dissertation Topic : Design of a polysaccharide tissue engineered vascular graft.
Research Area : Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Bioreactor, Mammalian Cell Culture

Wayne State University

MS, Chemical Engineering
2003 – 2004
Activities and Societies: AICHE, BME, TERMIS, SWE

Wayne State University

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
2000 – 2003
Activities and Societies: AICHE, SWE

University of Windsor

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
1997 – 2001
Irina Robu
Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
Institution web page: http://www.eng.wayne.edu
Personal web page: http://www.tissue.eng.wayne.edu
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Born: 1977
Interests: Tissue Engineered Blood Vessel, Endothelization, Biomechanics
Doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering with minor in Biomedical Engineering. Thesis interest :design of a tissue engineered blood vessel for pediatric patients
Wayne State University,Detroit, Michigan, USA
Currently pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering
Expected in Sept 2010
Wayne State University,
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering
Graduated in December 2004
Wayne State University,
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Graduated in May 2003
University of Windsor, Windsor,Ontario,Canada
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Graduated in June 2000
Selected publications:
• Irina Robu and Erhard Rothe. Probes of supercritical CO2 by deflection of multiple beamlets. Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing, 2005.