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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Lifetime achievement award at Golden Global Health and Education Awards, New Delhi, India 7th Sept 2019

DR ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO, Lifetime achievement award at Golden Global Health and Education Awards, New Delhi, India 7th Sept 2019

Life time achievement award
Shobha Crasto and Aishal crasto collecting my lifetime achievement award at Bellemie Presents Golden Global Health and Education International awards
India Islamic cultural center , New Delhi, India
7th Sept 2019
Felicitated as Guest of Honor for the immense contribution in the field of Pharmacy by Medicine Baba, Mr. Atul Nasa, Deputy Drugs Controller, New Delhi Dr PL Sahu at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi. My special thanks to Mr. Sacheen Gandhi for the recognition.
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Guest of honor and life time achievement award at Delhi, 7 th sept 2019, India Islamic cultural centre, New Delhi , India, Thanks to Golden Global Health & Education Awards 2019
Paralysis cannot stop me , Dreamt a billion when hit by million, I suffered one in a million paralytic stroke , I thought wind is against me but blowing in my favor
Thank one and all for the nomination
at Delhi eminent scientists, Pharmaceutical industry professionals and recent updates on pharmacy and recent innovations. Nice gathering for uplifting pharmacy graduates through function
All my hard work gets International recognition and makes me feel to work more
My family Shobha Crasto Lionel crastoAishal Crasto too get all credit for sacrifices done to help me achieve this honour.
They help me in my activities and have to sacrifice tremendously in time patience finances vacations and several other factors.
I now feel like an open superstar with 9 million google hits, 65lakh blog views, dozen plus bogs and 5lakh viewers in USA alone and 65 lakh Views in 220 countries and 7 continents
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My message for the many with disabilities is “You have the power to influence your future. Keep learning, keep developing new ways to engage with the world, and keep believing that you have talents to share with the world.
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I've often heard people worry about saying no. They are afraid of what others will think or just feel very guilty and selfish to prioritize themselves. Saying no and setting healthy boundaries at work and in your personal life can be a real struggle. But if it's not done then you may end up with too many commitments you can't keep or your private emotional space being invaded. This can be exhausting! You need to say a big Yes to yourself and your life ! You matter too. It's totally ok. Only then you can have the energy to say a true yes to others
To teach is great to inspire divine
मानव होना भाग्य है,
शिक्षक होना सौभाग्य है
The great personalities who will also be part of this award ceremony are :
Dr.P.L Sahu(Scientific Director at NDTL-Ministry of Youth affairs & sports..Govt.Of India)
Mr Atul Kumar Nasa(Head of Office Controlling & Licensing Authority ,Dy.Drug Controller Govt.Of NCT Delhi)
Ms.Rihanshi Gowda (Actress -South Indian Films & Television Industry)
Dr.Dhileep Krishnamurthy (Chief Scientific officer-Zheiang NHU Co Ltd China)
Dr. Anthony Melvin Crasto (Principal Scientist Glenmark Pharmaceutical Ltd. )
Mr Harish k jain ( Director - Embiotic Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. )
Dr. Vimal Rarh, Project Head & Joint Director, GAD-TLC of MHRD, Govt. of India .
Dr.Unnat Pandit Program Director
Atal Innovation Mission ,NITI Aayog, Govt of India 
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