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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Karen Dodd

Karen  Dodd

0113 343 6436

Karen Dodd graduated with a first class MChem degree from the University of Leeds in 2003.  Karen is supported by EPSRC and Hoffmann-La Roche.  Her PhD has involved a 3 month European placement at the Hoffmann-La Roche site in Basel, Switzerland.
Karen's PhD project was concerned with a total synthesis of the natural product Hemibrevetoxin B.  She focussed on exemplifying the key step of our approach which is the first example of a desymmetrisation of a centrosymmetric molecule by carbon-carbon bond formation.
Karen moved on to a postdoctoral position with Dr Darren Dixon at the University of Manchester.
Publications with Professor Nelson:

65 Karen  Dodd , Daniel  Morton , Robert  Narquizian, Adam  Nelson and Stephen  Worden , "Desymmetrisation of a Centrosymmetric Molecule by Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation: Asymmetric Aldol Reactions of a Centrosymmetric Dialdehyde", Chem. Eur. J. 2007, 13, 5857-5861
Open Access Version
Keywords: "New strategies for asymmetric synthesis"
Research areas
Natural product synthesis
New strategies for asymmetric synthesis

Juliet M. Hahn, Ph.D

Juliet M. Hahn, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


 cell:  618-534-2145 

I grew up in Columbia, SC and upstate New York.   I have family in SC and Virginia.   I am of course a US citizen.
High School:    Irmo High School, Columbia, SC   (top 1% in cumulative GPA of my graduating class, top 3% nationally on PSAT)  I also attended E.L. Wright Elementary School in Columbia.
BS   Chemistry University of South Carolina, Columbia (where my parents still live), Magna Cum Laude,  Phi Beta Kappa, 3.8/4.0 GPA (2 computer classes short of chemistry / computer science double major)
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, State University of New York, Stony Brook
postdoctoral research  University of Wisconsin, Madison; Columbia University (NY,NY)
more than 10 years experience - all post Ph.D. as a tenure track assistant professor
teaching: class sizes between 50 and 300 students, Organic Lecture (mostly for science majors), General Chemistry Lecture (mostly for science majors), Organic Lab (using own sole authored copyrighted lab textbook), General Chemistry Lab, graduate level (PHD & MS students) Advanced Organic, Bioorganic and Organic Spectroscopy, Organometallic  Chemistry
Here is the hyperlink to my Teaching Evaluations at FMU  (from Spring 2014)  To answer the question about my authority (ability - Oh No, I am not just a little stupid girl who barely knows how to write her name.) to teach a class in General Chemistry with a PHD in Organic, graduate level coursework completed by Dr. Hahn:   PHD Organic, with additional 21 credit hours in Inorganic, 12 credit hours in Analytical (Most Chemistry PHD programs require 9 to 12 credit hours for a major in a Chemistry sub area, Therefore I have enough graduate credit to claim to have a triple major in the Chemistry sub areas of Organic, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry.   General Chemistry is usually taught by Chemistry PHDs with a sub area major of Inorganic or Analytical.)
research:   research as principal investigator with primarily undergraduate students (1) carbon nanotube functionalization to make electrically conducting thin films - new materials, solar energy collector  (2) photodimerization of thymine to bioorganically experimentally simulate the photodimerization reaction implicated in skin cancer (3)  stereoselective synthetic methodology using organoaluminum catalysis and a zwitterionic effect in a class of neurobiologically active natural products with potential application as diagonostic or pharmaceuticals for diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Dr. Hahn's Research Group Summer 07 at DSU as Assistant Professor: from left: Nicole Morris, Dr. Juliet Hahn (Ruth was busily running NMR and was ...


Lecturer at Southern Illinois University is a non tenure track position.

I am an excellent communicator & user friendly teacher with about 10 years of experience (post Ph.D.) teaching organic and general chemistry lectures of 15 to 300 students. I have also taught Organic Labs using my own sole author copyrighted lab book. (supervised one to two undergraduate TA and about 5 undergraduate research students per semester in about the last 4 years of teaching)

I have increased enrollment and student satisfaction in General and Organic chemistry classes. (documentation - see teaching evaluations)

Most students decide that chemistry (science, medical school, engineering, … etc.) is not for them in General & Organic classes. I can change that! I have some innovative teaching methods and ideas which are appropriate for educational research proposals. I have experience teaching a wide variety of students (95% white, 85% African American, first generation economically disadvantaged students, honor’s students). Because I teach interactively by fitting myself to the students, I can make the most boring chemistry interesting & exciting to the most disinterested, unprepared, unmotivated students and to the best students. [I increased classroom enrollment in similar or parallel credit classes by as much as 10 times the normal enrollment at a number of different universities as professor and visiting professor.]

research: 4 principal investigator research projects continuing (a) carbon nanotube functionalization / potential solar energy collector (b) experimental/synthetic bioorganically modeling the photodimerization of thymine / skin cancer (c) stereoselective synthetic methodology in a cocaine analog, synthesis of pharmaceuticals for neorobiological diseases like alzheimers and parkinsons (d) education: effectively teaching large lecture & training students with limited science back ground to do research quickly

Specialties:teaching sophomore college level Organic Chemistry lecture, freshman college level General Chemistry lecture, wrote own sole authored copyrighted organic lab textbook


http://www.youtube.com (search "Juliet Hahn")

Organic, Bioorganic, Materials, Spectra (NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis, raman)
Juliet Hahn Ph.D.
Juliet Hahn Ph.D.



Southern Illinois University
– Present (1 year)
Teaching approximately 250 Organic Chemistry Lecture students.

Assistant Professor

Francis Marion University
(2 years 10 months)Florence, South Carolina Area
Teaching General Chemistry Lectures (60 student section) and Labs (30 student section).

Visiting Assistant Professor

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
(1 year)
Teaching - General Chemistry Lecture (100 student), Graduate Level Organic Spectroscopy, Graduate Level Organometallic (Inorganic)

Visiting Assistant Professor

State University of New York at Stony Brook
(1 year)
research only position

Assistant Professor

Delaware State University
(3 years)
tenure track assistant professor position:
taught Organic Chemistry lecture (~ 50 students) & lab, General Chemistry lecture, Introductory Chemistry;

All of these research projects will be continued into a future faculty positions since these are all projects with me as the sole principal investigator. None of these projects are staying at my former (DSU) faculty position. Have research projects, will travel anywhere for new job. (a) functionalized carbon nanotubes with applications solar energy, new semiconducting & electrically conducting materials (b) photodimerization of thymine to simulate reaction implicated in skin cancer (c) stereoselective synthetic organic methodology in tropanes potential pharmaceuticals for Alzheimer's disease (d) educational research: teaching large lectures effectively and training research students with limited chemistry to do chemistry research quickly

Assistant Professor

Arkansas State University
(2 years)
tenure track assistant professor - taught Organic Lectures (~50 students/class), Organic Lab using lab book which I wrote (~50 to 150 students)

research as principal iinvestigator (a) photodimerization of a thymine derivative to simulate the photodimerization implicated in skin cancer (b) synthetic methodology in the stereoselective synthesis of a cocaine derivative using organoaluminum catalysis and a zwitterionic effect [same research projects as projects (b) & (c) under DSU research]


Irmo High School, Columbia, SC

high school diploma, top 1% GPA, top 3% on Preliminary SAT nationally

Activities and Societies: National Honor Society, Science Club, Debate Club

University of South Carolina, Columbia BS

BS, Chemistry, 3.8/4.0 GPA
  Doing Research with FMU students at USC, Columbia in host lab:   Ashley Bird (biology major, chemistry minor, senior), Melanie Thomas (biology major, chemistry minor, premed, junior) and Dr. Juliet Hahn (chemistry major BS from USC, Columbia, chemistry doctorate - SUNY, Stony Brook, postdoctoral research Columbia Univeristy, NY and University of Wisconsin, Madison)   June 2014
 Juliet Hahn Ph.D.
About Dr. Hahn BS Chemistry: University of South Carolina ...
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