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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sapana Mehendale, Director & Co-founder at RASA LSI

Sapana Mehendale.

Sapana Mehendale

Director & Co-founder at RASA LSI
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The latest Tweets from sapana mehendale (@msapana): "Hey , I have started my own company called RASA Life Science Informatics.So much busy in set up."

#Founded RASA is a Bio & Chemo Informatics company offering solutions and services in the area of Life sciences. With our combined experience in Bio-informatics and Chemo-informatics and strong advisory board, RASA is set to provide premium services in technology solutions, product development and training. We provide our customers with a seamless model of our wide expertise and comprehensive platforms.
# Bio- & Chemo-informatics software professional with 5 years of experience in project planning, execution,algorithm development & Java based applications development for a global client. 


Over 5 years of experience as software developer ,Chemoinformatics domain expert and business owner .Expertise in areas ranges from business administration to marketing ,product development and services to chemoinformatician ,training students and professional. Key accomplishments:

Entrepreneur who grew business from start up to half a million in annual through effective business planning , creative sales techniques and innovative marketing. Expert knowledge in all facets of software development life cycle, technical support, training to new recruits, Bio-informatics & Chemo-informatics tools and databases Recognized by clients and colleague as consummate professional with high degree of personal integrity. Known for contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions and capacity for motivational leadership. Possess outstanding communication and presentation abilities. Effectively market tangible / intangible products and services; skilled in persuasive presentation and profitable negotiation. Offer excellent customer relation skills.
RASA Life Science Informatics
RASA Life Science Informatics


Director & Co-founder

RASA Life Science Informatics
 – Present (6 years 3 months)Pune Area, India
RASA is a scientific data analytics and Knowledge bases discovery service company with deep focus on Chemical and Life sciences. At RASA we are poised to create revolution in chemical and life sciences domain by giving biologist and chemist from research and industries to enhance their work by using our services and products in the area of Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics.

RASA is set to provide premium services in technology solutions, product development and training. Consistently maintained a high standard performance record via exceptional service in Chemoinformatics, follow through ,and specific attention to details which resulted in higher sales. Directed marketing efforts to promote visibility and introduce new training. Analyzed complex situations, designed practical solutions and implemented cost effective plans. Developed personnel, motivated staff to exceed goals, and improved production and training sales. Directing and trained software development team to design and implement scientific algorithms.

With our combined experience in Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics and IT with strong advisory board, RASA is set to provide premium services in technology solutions, customized product development and training in the area of life science. We provide our customers with a seamless model of wide expertise and comprehensive platforms.
(Open)3 projects

Senior Software Developer

Systems Biology Worldwide
 –  (2 years 6 months)Pune Area, India
SBW is a major provider of innovative and dynamic biotechnology solutions in drug discovery and development and related areas. The company's divisions are engaged in high-tech research and delivery solutions for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients

Project: Development of Data Mining Software for Chemo-informatics (Team: 4 members) The Data Mining software allows automated Molecular Mining for BioActivity, Toxicity and Side Effects Prediction and involves XML schema, XML queries, rule Inference and rule engines. It transforms the structural information for chemically, biologically or pharmacologically related molecules to a hierarchical schema of concepts and descriptors. It discovers patterns in the related schema and predicts biological activity, using rules inferred from analyzing the patterns.

Technologies used: J2SE programming including Swing with XQuery

Functionalities: Comprehensive search options for predicting Drug Therapeutic Area.


Cheminformatics and In-Silico Drug Discovery Workshop with 120 participants

A comprehensive 3 days hands-on Chemoinformatics and In-Silico Drug Discovery workshop organized jointly by RASA Life Science Informatics and Alard College of Pharmacy
At the end of the workshop you will:
 Be familiar in digitizing your chemical Data.
 Be familiar in analyzing chemical fingerprint
 Be familiar in storing molecules in wide array of format in Database.
 Be familiar in...more

3 Day In-Silico Drug Discovery Workshop with 30 participants

A comprehensive 3 days hands-on In-Silico Drug Discovery workshop organized jointly by Persistent Systems Ltd. and RASA Life Science Informatics.
At the end of the workshop you will:
 Be familiar in Identifying Drug Targets.
 Be familiar with Virtual Screening of compounds.
 Be able to screen Drug Likeness.
 Be familiar with Docking Studies.
 Be familiar with Screening of Lead Compound...moreficer, Shantani Proteome Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

2 Day workshop in Chemoinformatics with 138 participants

Workshop groups have study problems with hands-on examples using computational chemistry methods and discuss issues highlighted by examples and Case Studies presented by instructors. A Case Study set with a focus on chemical database creation and filtering drug like compounds will be used to link all workshop activities throughout the workshop.


Study of job profiles of employees and designing ERP for RASA LSI.
GUI designing and explaining requirement and flow to Teachnical Team.
Manual Testing of the project.


Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Bioinformatics, 75%

Project: Designing an effective drug for brain cancer treatment. Programming of advanced analytical methodologies and micro-level 3-dimensional simulations to generate drug design for brain cancer treatment. Project involved extensive research into the statistical aspects of bioinformatics and logical analysis through high-end drug designing applications and lab experiments.

University of Pune

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), MicrobiologyGeneral, 60%


 Sapana Mehendale-Chaudhary getting felicitation for promising women entrepreneur under "stand up India" of government of India initiative by heigh court chief justice Mr kulkarni @IDBI bank,FC road — with Sapana Mehendale-Chaudhary.


Zafar Qureshi

Zafar Qureshi

Ph.D Student (September 2011)
B.Sc. University of British Columbia 





Praew Thansandote

Praew Thansandote

Praew Thansandote

Investigator, Global API (Process) Chemistry at GSK

Praew Thansandote was born in Khon Kaen, Thailand in 1983. She received a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons) degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences with top honors at the University of Ottawa in 2001. Following undergraduate research with Mark Workentin at the University of Western Ontario and Keith Fagnou at the University of Ottawa, she is currently a Ph.D. candidate with Mark Lautens at the University of Toronto developing new palladium-catalysed multicomponent reactions. Her awards include a University of Ottawa Medal for the Faculty of Science, a Pfizer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, and NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships at the Master and Doctoral levels.



Investigator, Global API (Process) Chemistry

 – Present (1 year 6 months)Stevenage, United Kingdom

Investigator, Therapeutic Peptides CPU

 –  (1 year 4 months)Stevenage, United Kingdom

Medicinal Chemist, Therapeutic Peptides CPU

 –  (1 year 2 months)Stevenage, United Kingdom

NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Cambridge
 –  (1 year 11 months)Department of Chemistry
Natural Product Synthesis
Construction of Polyene Chains
Supervisor: Professor Steven V. Ley

PhD Student

University of Toronto
 –  (4 years 9 months)
Palladium-Catalyzed Domino Reactions
Supervisor: Professor Mark Lautens

Bachelor of Science

University of Ottawa
 –  (4 years)
Direct Arylation of Aryl Chlorides
Supervisor: Professor Keith Fagnou


Accelerating Spirocyclic Polyketide Synthesis using Flow Chemistry(Link)

angewandte chemie
April 11, 2014
Over the past decade, the integration of synthetic chemistry with flow processing has resulted in a powerful platform for molecular assembly that is making an impact throughout the chemical community. Herein, we demonstrate the extension of these tools to encompass complex natural product synthesis. We have developed a number of novel flow-through processes for reactions commonly encountered in...more


Mike Watson and Praew Thansandote

Praew Thansandote *
University of Ottawa
E-mail: pthansandote@hotmail.com
with Dr. Mark Workentin, University of Western Ontario

(l-r) Petar Duspara, Greg Rosocha, Praew Thansandote, Yuri Bolshan

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