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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dr. Shruti U Bhat......Impressive Profile


Dr. Shruti U Bhat
New Product Development and Continuous Improvement Director.


Industry verticals- Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Devices, OTC, Cosmetics, Natural Health Products, Education, Management Consulting firms.



Shruti U. Bhat, PHD, MBA is Innovation and Continuous Improvement Director. 

She leads path-breaking product development programs such as oncology, biosimilars, nano technology and platform delivery systems for pharmaceuticals and natural products.

Shruti helps translate brand vision into product development strategies. Her mantra is to "Shorten development timelines, build quality-by-design, lean processes and bring products fast- to- market". 

She works with start ups, mid-sized and growing firms in Canada, USA, Gulf and Emerging markets. She has numerous patents and publications to her credit and is an invited speaker at several international conferences and workshops. 


Director Product Development & Continuous Improvement.

Innoworks Inc.
Innoworks Inc. From oct 2012

Vice President Strategic Planning and Innovative Research

 –  (1 year 9 months)

Director R&D and Clinical Manufacturing

PMS, Canada
 –  (1 year 4 months)

Group Head Pharmaceutical R&D

 –  (1 year 2 months)

General Manager Pharma Technology Development

 –  (3 years 3 months)

Head R&D and Patents

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited
 –  (3 years 9 months)

Asst. Manager R&D

RPG Life Sciences Limited.
 –  (2 years 11 months)

Executive Applications

Klenzaids Engineers (P) Ltd.
 –  (1 year 6 months)



Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) USA-ITM

MBA, - Business Administration (GPA 3.88)

.Dale Carnegie Training Institute’s ‘Communication Skills for Managers’Patent Agent  

K.M.Kundnani College of Pharmacy

M.Pharm., Ph.D.

shruti bhat, milestones, business process improvement, expert

Dr. Shruti U. Bhat, is Innovation, New Product Development and Continuous Improvement Expert. 

She has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology and MBA. She is a gold medalist and recipient of numerous awards and certificates of merit, including Pharmaceutical industry's coveted "Young Scientist Award".

She is also an invited speaker at several international conferences and workshops and writes 'Expert' columns for industry magazines, journals and newspapers worldwide.

Video CV of Dr. Shruti U Bhat
Leadership And Change Management
One of her many illustrious achievements, is successful development of a Start-up R&D unit into reputable international research base, driving sales to over $ 5M within 3 years.  She has also designed several award winning, quality compliant, cost- effective R&Ds and Clinical research organizations.  More ...
Novel Technology Introductions
Shruti has successfully introduced over 35 different novel technologies within the Natural health products, Pharmaceuticals, OTC and Medical devices industry verticals. Some of the noted novel technologies she's facilitated include- Nano technology, Liposome entrapment, Mouth dissolve films, Medicated chewing gums, Needle free medicament administration etc.  More ...
New Product Development

Shruti has successfully spearheaded drug product development programs for over 1500 formulations currently being sold in global markets including Canada, USA, Europe, BRIC, Africa and GCC (Gulf) countries.  Shruti has worked with prescription pharmaceuticals, galenicals, vaccines, medical devices, modified release, biosimilars and platform delivery formulations. More ...

Shruti has led product development, testing and clinical studies of Natural health products (NHP), phyto-pharmaceuticals, health supplements, vitamins and minerals.  More ...
Audits And Quality Management 

Shruti has conducted more than 500 Quality Audits and Due diligences globally. She has implemented Quality by design and Process analytical technique in R&D, production, packaging, quality departments, warehouses and logistics of a variety of industrial verticals including- pharmaceuticals, packaging, biotechnology, medical devices, foods, cosmetics, bulk drugs, chemicals and intermediates.  More ...
Continuous Improvement 

Complementing her research and manufacturing expertise, she is also a noted Continuous Improvement expert. One of her most noted recent accomplishment is speedy turnaround of a struggling contract research and manufacturing company into a profitable business within nine months.  She has implemented Continuous Improvement methodologies such as 5S, Lean, Kaizen, Lean six sigma, TQM, ISO, Just in time, Hoshin Kanri, Poka Yoke and more, for business processes within a variety of industrial verticals including- pharmaceuticals, packaging, biotechnology, medical devices, foods, cosmetics, bulk drugs, chemicals and intermediates.  More ...

Shruti engages On-site and Webcast training workshops. She also speaks at Lunch and Learn training sessions for corporates and students. She provides powerful, elegantly simple framework with new tools and best-in-class industry practises for improving organizational performance and accelerating ROI.

Below listed On-site and Webcast training workshops provide a powerful, elegantly simple framework with new tools and best-in-class industry practises for improving organizational performance and accelerating ROI.

The courses are available as standard modules as well as custom designed learning programs for each study group, executives and change leaders, to suit their requirements and business goals in the current competitive environment. 
Pioneer – “Young Scientist Award” by PAMDAL – COLORCON for significant contribution to research in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

GOLD MEDAL and alumni achievers award from Prin. K.M.Kundnani College of Pharmacy Worli.

Searle India Performance Award

RESEARCH SCHOLAR – Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. Of India.

IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association) Research Award for the year 1991-92 for best research paper published in the faculty of Pharmaceutics.

IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association) Research Award for the year 1992-93 for best research paper published in the faculty of Pharmaceutics.

Late Smt. Jethibai H. Jagtiani Research Award and Certificate of Merit for – Sincerity, Quality and Quantity of Research work.

Late Smt. Kamla Balwani Award and Certificate of Merit for - Advanced Research work in Hi-Tech areas.


Controlled Release Isosorbide dinitrate pellets – Part 1 - Design and evaluation of controlled release capsule dosage form.

J. Pharmaceutical Sciences, 82 : 1288 ( 1993)

Controlled Release Isosorbide dinitrate pellets – Part 2 - In vivo studies.

J. Pharmaceutical Sciences, 82 : 1292( 1993)

HPTLC determination of etodolac in pharmaceutical formulations and human samples : HPTLC vs HPLC

A quantitative high performance thin layer chromatographic method for estimation of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride- application to stability studies

HPTLC determination of sulphamethoxazole and trimethoprim (Co-trimoxazole) from pharmaceutical formulations

Protracted disintegration time of hematinic capsules in soft gelatin shells : Part I : Gelatin – mineral interactions

Project for Glaxo (GSK) India.

Protracted disintegration time of hematinic capsules in soft gelatin shells : Part II : Gelatin – vitamin interactions

Project for Glaxo (GSK) India.
Awarded "Best Research paper" by IDMA.

A look at process costing and cost-effectiveness of a pharmaceutical formulation.

Disintegration of soft gelatin haematinic capsules : role of pH, enzymes and other additives present in disintegration medium in reducing the disintegration time of stored samples.

Project for Glaxo India.

Microbial contamination of dyes and lake colors.

Project for M/s. Colorcon.

Non- pareil seeds - 2 3 factorial approach to optimization of coating for pellet preparation : coating pan Vs dish pelletiser.

Awarded "Best Research paper" by IDMA.

Non- pareil seeds – Application of Plackette Burman optimization design and concept of dissolution efficiency to pellet coating.

Mucosal delivery of peptide based therapeutics- Part 1 : Formulation considerations.

Mucosal delivery of peptide based therapeutics- Part 2 - Routes of administration

Modern developments in formulation technology.

Drugs from biotechnology.

Controlled Release formulations- Parts 1,2 and 3

Only a coherent organization – one that pursues a clear strategic direction, builds a system of differentiating proficiencies, consistent with that direction and sells products/ services into demand markets that thrive within that system– can reliably and sustainably outpace competition.

Regardless of the industry, a company's power to win in every markets depends not just on external market positioning and not just on internal competencies, but on a COHERENT STRATEGY that aligns these at ENTRY LEVEL.

Three interlocking elements make up a PROFITABLE BUSINESS:
  • Strategic direction.
  • Proficiencies including accurate combination of effective processes, tools, skills, knowledge, methodology and creativity- all focussed to achieve the desired results.
  • Product / Service/ Market portfolio- FIT
  • shruti bhat, values and philosophy

  • Deliver the best to every client as cost effectively as she can.
  • Total commitment to project timelines.
  • Tell the truth as she sees it.
  • Keep client information confidential.
  • Uphold absolute integrity.
  • Provide industry's best practices and customized business solutions..
PictureRoles of Dr. Shruti U Bhat 

Business Management topics:
  • Modern marketing and brand building.
  • Strategy design and implementation.
  • Product life cycle management.
  • Business Efficiency.
  • Leadership for 21st C businesses.
  • Business Communications.
  • 17 Rules to lead a start-up organization.
  • Setting performance metrics.
  • Effective goal setting.
  • Efficient time management.
  • Social media marketing strategy.
  • Social media networking strategy.
  • Consumer behavior and building brands.
  • VoC in digital marketing.
  • Social re-engineering and team building.
  • Developing corporate organograms.
  • Decision making for leaders, managers.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Productivity Improvement in manufacturing.
  • Operations management for service based industries.
  • Operations management for manufacturing industries.
  • Continuous Improvement for Life Science Industry.
  • Continuous Improvement for Medical Devices Industry.
  • Continuous Improvement in Clinical Research Organizations.
  • Continuous Improvement for Biotechnology Industry.
  • Project / Program Management IN 21st C businesses.
  • Workplace design, layout and management using 5S and Process automation.
  • Juran's methodology of Business transformation.
  • Lean Six Sigma Executive training.
  • Getting started with Lean for small to mid-size enterprises.
  • Lean for start-ups.
  • Business process re-engineering.
  • Hoshin Kanri for business excellence.
  • Total quality management (TQM) fundamentals.
  • Cost of Quality : Finance for continuous improvement.
  • Developing high performance supplier relationships.
  • Total Quality management (TQM) advanced.
  • Integrated Quality Management.
  • Internal Auditing Training- Fundamentals.
  • Internal Auditing Training- Advanced.
  • E- Auditing.
  • Supplier auditing and handling non-conformances.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences topics:
    • Innovation from vision to reality.
    • DIY patent filing.
    • How to study a patent?
    • How to circumvent patent claims?
    • How to develop patent non-infringing products?
    • Complexities of PCT patent applications.
    • Overcoming challenges in ANDA filing & getting product approvals.
    • How to design & develop platform technology based formulations?
    • Building mucosal delivery systems based product portfolio.
    • Re-design pre-formulation studies to shorten development timelines.
    • 505 (b)(2) pathway of drug product development.
    • Introducing ICH Q 8, 9 and 10 to new formulators.
    • IPQC Vs QbD
    • How to effectively drive pharmaceutical development portfolio?
    • How to decrease analysis cost in drug product development?
    • How to optimize pelletization processes?
    • Raman spectroscopy in studying drug molecule polymorphic behaviour.
    • Quality Risk Management
    • Challenges in natural health products development & testing.
    • Product anti-counterfeiting techniques.
    • Pharmaceutical R&D productivity improvement.
    • Poka- Yoke in Innovation & New product development.
    • Anti- cancer product development.
    • Lean for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
    • Strategic Quality Planning.
    • Error- free new product development.
    • Audits and Due Diligence.
    • Implementing Quality - By- Design in pharmaceutical and allied industry.
    • Challenges in implementing QEMS (Quality Enhanced Management Systems) in pharmaceutical industry.
    • Quality Function Deployment.
    • CAPA (Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions).
    • Design of experiments (DOE) for Researchers.
    • Design of experiments (DOE) Executive overview.
    • Cost control mechanisms in new product development.
    • Process Validation.


    Presented a talk yesterday at the 3rd Annual Quality Conference, Vancouver "
    Applying Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) to build Quality in Pharmaceutical Products via
    3D Printing (Additive manufacturing) technique".
    More pictures at http://www.drshrutibhat.com/media

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