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Monday, 18 April 2016

Eugene Piatnitski Chekler

Eugene Chekler

Eugene Piatnitski Chekler

Group Leader at EMD Serono / Merck Serono


Accomplished pharmaceutical R&D specialist with valuable program oversight experience that facilitates drug discovery from proof-of-concept to development. Oversee internal R&D activities and external vendors. Offer external collaborations management experience and serve on development teams. Documented success in performing independent R&D work via a track record of publications. Bilingual with fluency in Russian.
 Project Leadership
 Intellectual Property Strategy
 Biology/Pharmacology/Drug Discovery
 Interdepartmental Partnerships
 Clinical Candidate Selection
 Medicinal Chemistry
 Chemical Biology
 Synthetic Chemistry
 Personnel Development
 Academic Collaborations
 Structure Based Drug Design
 Fragment Based Drug Design
 Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics
 Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization
 Delivered two candidates into development in Muscular-skeletal and Cardiovascular therapeutic areas.
 Identified clinical candidates through data analysis to conduct clinical trials in orphan and genetic disease space
 Offer experience with Nuclear Receptor modulators, Endocrinology, Oncology, Kinase Inhibitors design, Epigenetics, Protein Misfolding, Antiarrhythmic agents, and unknown mechanism of action.
 Pharmaceutical discovery management experience includes utilizing CRO chemists in India, China and Eastern Europe; consistently improve scientific diligence while mentoring chemistry colleagues.
 Extensive experience in building more than 100,000 compound libraries using commercial vendors (HTS compound libraries selection).
 Successfully built and led several effective cross site therapeutic area teams.
 Record of innovation and scientific contributions: publications (27), abstracts (9), patent publications (5).


Group Leader

EMD Serono / Merck Serono
 – Present (11 months)Greater Boston Area
Immuno-Oncology Medicinal Chemistry

Sr. Principal Scientist

 –  (5 years 9 months)Groton, CT and Cambridge, MA
Lead neuro-muscular medicinal chemistry
Design and coordinate studies. Conduct data analysis and communicate results internally and externally. Participate as a leader and member of project teams. Build effective partnerships with partner lines (safety, primary pharmacology, drug metabolism) and research unit biologists. Run external industrial and academic collaborations.
 Serve as a primary chemistry point of contact for projects; lead medicinal chemistry design.
 Develop partnerships with computational chemistry team members to ensure embedding of computational techniques to deliver optimal results.
Nuclear Receptor Modulators, Team Leader - Successfully advanced a Rare Disease associated program to the development stage by discovering a clinical candidate.
 Designed chemistry project strategy and implementation.
 Managed a team of chemists at a foreign contract research organization (CRO).

Senior Research Scientist

Wyeth Research
 –  (3 years 11 months)
Nuclear Receptor Modulators, Team Leader - Collaborated with Biology Team to design project strategy and screening paradigm to discover efficacious and selective Nuclear Receptor agonists and antagonists. Designed and synthesized multiple active compound classes to achieve in vivo efficacy.
 Managed a team of internal chemists.
GAP Junction Modulators - Ensured chemistry follow up for a clinical candidate. Discovered pre-development candidates for antiarrhythmic applications. Designed and synthesized compounds to improve in-vivo profile. Developed orally bioavailable dipeptide motif.
 Served as sole medicinal chemistry contributor to US 2007/0149460 patent that covers a clinical candidate scaffold.
(Open)2 projects

Sr. Scientist

ImClone Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company
 –  (4 years 3 months)
Medicinal Chemistry
(Open)2 projects

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Pennsylvania
 –  (2 years)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Target Validation Using Chemical Probes

Nature Chem. Biol.

Discovery of Dual VEGFR-2 and Tubulin Inhibitors with in Vivo Efficacy

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Probing androgen receptor co-factor selectivity profiles:a chemical tool to determine cross-talk between androgen receptor and b-catenin in vivo

Med. Chem. Comm.

Discovery of a class of potent gap-junction modifiers as novel antiarrhythmic agents

Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.


Nuclear Receptor Modulators

GAP Junction Modulators

GPCR Allosteric Modulators

KDR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Project

Anti-Mitotic Strategy to Discover Dual Tubulin and KDR Kinase Inhibitors

KDR/EGFR Dual Inhibitor Effort


Bowling Green State University


Organic Chemistry

Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Master's degree, Engineering

Master's in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Kristina Dupont-Gaudet

Kristina Dupont-Gaudet

Kristina Dupont-Gaudet



Research Scientist I at OmegaChem

 – Present (5 years 3 months)

Research Scientist II

Merck Frosst
 –  (2 years 1 month)Kirkland (Qc) Canada

Research Scientist

Merck Frosst
 –  (1 year 7 months)Kirkland, Qc, Canada

Associate Research Scientist I

Bristol-Myers Squibb
 –  (10 months)Candiac (Qc) Canada

Research Associate I

Tranzyme Pharma
 –  (7 months)Sherbrooke



1,4-Induction in aldol reactions of (tertiary α’-alkoxy)methyl ketones: synthesis of the C8-C11 stereotriad of ent-fostriecin

Tetrahedron Letters (2012), 53(14), 1837-1839

Aminopyrimidines as SYK inhibitors and their preparation and use in the treatment of SYK-mediated diseases

PCT Int. Appl. (2011), WO 2011075517 A1 20110623

Inter- and intramolecular [4+1]-cycloadditions between electron-poor dienes and electron-rich carbenes.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2004), 126, 9926-9927

Cu-catalyzed N-Arylation of Oxazolidinones: An efficient Synthesis of the κ-Opioid Receptor Agonist CJ-15,8161.

Journal of Organic Chemistry (2006), 71, 1258-1261

Process Research and Scale-up of the κ-Opioid Receptor Agonist CJ-15,161 Drug Candidate.

Chimia (2006), 60, 554-560.

Phosphine-mediated [4+2] annulation of bis(enones): a Lewis base catalyzed ''Mock Diels-Alder'' reaction.

Organic Letters (2004), 6, 1857-1860


Université de Montréal

TXL 6012- Toxicologie des Médicaments, Faculté de Médecine

Université de Sherbrooke

B.Sc., Chemistry

Pfizer, Groton (CT) United-States
COOP Student - Summer 2003 (4 months)
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Candiac (Qc) Canada
COOP Student - Winter and Fall 2002 (8 months)

Wenqing Yao, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, Discovery Medicinal and Process Chemistry, INCYTE

Wenqing Yao, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Discovery Medicinal and Process Chemistry
Wenqing Yao joined Incyte in February 2002 as Director, Chemistry. Dr. Yao has over 20 years of experience in medicinal chemistry. For the past nine years, Dr. Yao has held roles of increasing responsibility at Incyte, most recently as Senior Vice President, Discovery Chemistry. Prior to joining Incyte, Dr. Yao held scientific research positions with DuPont Pharmaceuticals and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company from 1996 to 2002. Dr. Yao received his B.S. in chemistry from Xuzhou Normal University, his M.S. in organic chemistry from NanKai University and his Ph.D. in organic/medicinal chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.



Executive Vice President, Discovery Chemistry

 – Present (14 years 3 months)
Medicinal Chemistry

Research Associate, Immunology

Basel Institute for Immunology
 –  (1 year)Basel, Switzerland

Exchanging Ph.D. Student, Peptide Chemistry

University of Patras
 –  (1 year)Patras, Greece


Nankai University

MS/Ph.D student, Organometallic Chemistry

Xuzhou Normal University

BS, Chemistry