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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dr Rakeshwar Bandichhor

Dr. Rakeshwar Bandichhor  Director API - R&D,
Dr Reddy' laboratories
Rakeshwar Bandichhor
Director, API, R&D
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Dr. Reddys Laboratories
Rakeshwar Bandichhor holds a doctorate in Chemistry from University of Lucknow/University of Regensburg, Germany and worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Regensburg, Germany, University of Pennsylvania and Texas A&M University. Dr. Rakeshwar has more than 150 papers including patents and book chapters published/accepted in various International Journals and contributed to more than 60 academic national and international conferences. He has won the various awards in his career
Dr. Rakeshwar has more than 80 papers including patents and book chapters published/accepted in various International Journals. Notably, in the area of Organic Chemistry, Dr. Rakeshwar has coauthored a chapter in the book entitled “Green Chemistry in Pharmaceutical industry”.
He has won the various awards in his career e.g. Chairman Excellence Award in the category of individual functional excellence, Best Cost Leadership Award  for the development of Lopinavir, Ritonavir & their components and Anveshan Award at Dr. Reddy’s. As a part of organizational building efforts, he also supervises master’s & Ph.D. students in their dissertations. He has been invited in several conferences e.g. IIT-Mumbai, IGCW-2009, BIT-Ranchi, BITS Pilani, 9th Heterocyclic Conference, University of Florida, JNTU-Hyderabad, ISCB-2011, Apollo Hospitals Educational & Research Foundation, Hyderabad etc. to deliver  lectures. He is also currently acting as an Associate  Editor of GERF Bulletin of Bioscience.
Recently, he has become a member National Advisory Board of Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists.

Dr.Rakeshwar Bandichhor at IGCW-09


Role of Generic Pharmaceutical Industry in Healthcare
Rakeshwar Bandichhor
Editorial: Chem Sci J 2014, 5:e101
doi: 10.4172/2150-3494.10000e101
Research Perspective in Academia and Generic Pharmaceutical Industry
Rakeshwar Bandichhor
Editorial: Organic Chem Current Res 2012, 1:e104
doi: 10.4172/2161- 0401.1000e104




Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
 – Present 

Associate Director

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
 –  (2 years 6 months)

Senior Manager

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
 –  (4 years)


Green cemistry
 –  (1 year)


Ranbaxy-CDRI-Lucknow University-University of Regensburg-University of Pennsylvania-Texas A&M
 –  (9 years)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University June 2005-2006
(1 and ½” YR)
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Burgess, Rachal Professor of Chemistry, College Station, USA
Synthesis of “Through Bond Energy Transfer Cassettes”
Postdoctoral Fellow, Roy and Diana Vegelos Laboratories for Advanced Science and Technology,
University of Pennsylvania, Jan 2004-May2005 (NEARLY “1 and ½” YR)
Advisor: Dr. Marisa C. Kozlowski, Professor of Chemistry, Philadelphia, USA
Studies towards Total Synthesis of Purpuromycin and its Derivatives
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Regensburg, March 2002 to December 2003 (NEARLY “2” YRS)
Advisor: Dr. Oliver Reiser, Professor of Chemistry, Regensburg, Germany
Studies directed to Total Synthesis of Arglabin and Ixerin Y
Graduate Research Student, University of Regensburg, March 2001 to March 2002 (“1” YR)
Advisor: Dr. Oliver Reiser, Professor of Chemistry, Regensburg, Germany
Enantioselective Synthesis of Paraconic acids (Ph.D. Work).
Post Graduate Research Trainee (PGRT), Central Drug Reseach Institute, Lucknow, India,
August 1999 to February 2001
Advisor: Dr. S. N. Rastogi, Retired Deputy Director, Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Synthesis of Nonsteroidal Antifertility Regulating Agents.
Post Graduate Research Assistant, University of Lucknow, India, October 1998 to July 1999
Advisor: Dr. V. K. Tandon, Professor of Organic Chemistry
Synthesis of 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles and Diazete type of N-oxide donors.
Project Trainee, Central Drug Reseach Institute, Lucknow, India, June 1998 to September 1998
Advisor: Dr. Kanchan Hajela, Deputy Director, Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Synthesis of Possible Nonsteroidal Antifertility Regulating Agents.
Project Trainee, Ranbaxy Research Laboratories, Gurgaon, India, May 1997 to June 1997
Advisor: Dr. Naresh, Head of the Research and Development Division
Synthesis of b-Lactam Antibiotics and Derivatives of Picoline


University of Regensburg
 –  (3 years)


 –  (2 years)


Innovation Plaza, IPDO, R&D , Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
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 An alternate synthesis of levetiracetam
Ravikumar Mylavarapu a , Ramasamy Vijaya Anand a , Golla China Mala Kondaiah a , Lekkala
Amarnath Reddy a , Gade Srinivas Reddy a , Arnab Roy a , Apurba Bhattacharya a , Kagga
Mukkanti b & Rakeshwar Bandichhor a
a Innovation Plaza, IPDO, R&D , Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. , Survey Nos. 42, 45,46 & 54,
Bachupally, Qutubullapur, 500073, R.R. Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India
b Center for Environmental Science, Institute of Science and Technology , J.N.T. University ,
Kukatpally, Hyderabad, 500 072, Andhra Pradesh, India
Email: rakeshwarb@drreddys.com
Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews
Vol. 3, No. 3, September 2010, 225230
Ravikumar Mylavarapu , Ramasamy Vijaya Anand , Golla China Mala Kondaiah , Lekkala Amarnath Reddy ,
Gade Srinivas Reddy , Arnab Roy , Apurba Bhattacharya , Kagga Mukkanti & Rakeshwar Bandichhor (2010)
An alternate
synthesis of levetiracetam, Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews, 3:3, 225-230, DOI: 10.1080/17518251003716568
To link to this article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17518251003716568