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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dr. Rina Chokshi

Rina Chokshi

Americas Application Manager, Health at FMC Corporation

- Expertise in design and development of solid dosage forms of BCS 2/4 compounds and challenging molecules; knowledgeable about biopharmaceutical challenges and regulatory requirements for BA/BE studies
- Experienced in development of conventional as well as novel dosage forms, including solid dispersions such as Hot-melt Extrusion/ Spray-drying/Co-precipitation as well as controlled release formulations
- Leadership roles in cross-functional global product development team with successful execution of formulation and process development strategies, scale-up, and manufacture of clinical, registration/validation batches 
- Extensive experience on formulation and process optimization at small scale using Quality by Design (QbD) approach and successful technology/ knowledge transfer to commercial facilities.

Specialties:Formulation/Process development, formulation/process optimization with Quality by Design, Process scale- up, formulation development of poorly water soluble drugs (solid dispersion and solid solution)

Dr. Rina Chokshi has over several years of experience in formulation and process development. Rina has worked on the development of conventional as well as novel dosage forms, including solid dispersions such as hot-melt extrusion, spray-drying and co-precipitation as well as controlled release formulations. 

She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island in collaboration with Hoffman-La Roche, and went on to work for Wyeth (now Pfizer) on formulation and process optimization using Quality by Design (QbD) approaches


Rina Chokshi


University of Mumbai

Bachelor, Pharmacy


Americas Application Manager, Health

FMC Corporation
 – Present Ewing, NJ

Project leader, Controlled release technology

FMC BioPolymer
 – Present (4 years 10 months)

Principal Research Scientist

 –  (11 months)

Principal Research Scientist

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
 –  (2 years)
- Lead the team for formulation and process development and optimization using Quality by Design (QbD) approach
- Designed and executed formulation and process optimization studies at small scale and successful scale up to commercial manufacturing sites
- Developed formulation and process for bilayer tablets containing immediate release and controlled release granulations
- Successfully coordinated clinical manufacture supplies for phase 2 and phase 3
- Hands on experience in direct compression, roller compaction, fluid bed granulation, fluid bed coating, wet granulation, and hot melt extrusion technology platform

Senior Research Scientist I and II

Wyeth Research
 –  (3 years 7 months)
- Lead formulator for developing poorly water soluble drug formulations using various novel technologies
- Lead coordinator for technology transfer, manufacture of clinical batches and manufacture of registration batches and validation batches at commercial facilities
- Responsible for preparing Pharmaceutical development reports for regulatory submission and functioned as lead formulator responsible for drafting response for various agencies such as FDA and EMEA

Research Assitant

Hoffman-La Roche
 –  (5 years)
- Conducted M.S. and Ph.D. thesis research in an industrial setting
- Developed and evaluated solid dispersions and solid solutions of poorly water soluble compounds using various techniques such as Hot-melt extrusion, Spray drying, Co-precipitation and Co-evaporation
- Assisted in various Roche projects and contributed to the development of tablet and capsule dosage forms of poorly water soluble drugs

Evaluation of hot -melt extrusion technology to improve dissolution rates of poorly water soluble drugs. Rina Chokshi, University of Rhode Island ...
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Rina Chokshi, 2001. MEMBER OF PhD COMMITTEE FOR. Sherrie Singleton (98 -99'). Eileen Brantley (99'). Crystal Saunders (00'). Karmardi Mills (98').
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University of Rhode Island , usa

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