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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dr. Ai Ching Lim

Ai Ching Lim

Dr. Ai Ching Lim
Director at Amgen
1201 Amgen Ct W
Seattle, WA 98119-3105
(206) 265-8166




18 years of biotechnology industrial experience with increasing responsibility leading multi-disciplinary teams focused on the delivery of novel biotherapeutics. Knowledgeable in protein expression and characterization, research and product development of novel protein-based therapeutics, DNA and protein microarrays, and high-throughput assay development. Experienced with moving projects forward from the early discovery stage to hand-off to manufacturing scale. Strengths include strong technical skills in chemistry and biology, creative and analytical approaches to developing and innovating new technologies and assays, and effective implementation, coordination and delivery of research projects. Other strengths include management and personnel development skills, and strong written and verbal communication skills. Experienced with working on interdisciplinary teams.



 – Present (11 years)Greater Seattle Area
• Currently leading Protein Technologies group (10 FTEs) responsible for supporting discovery reagents for early stage biologics programs
• Led Assay and Biomolecular Interactions groups (6 FTEs) responsible for activity and affinity characterization of biomolecules including antibody therapeutics
• Simultaneously led Protein Biochemistry group (10 FTEs) responsible for the purification and characterization of biomolecules; scope ranged from target generation for HTS small molecule screens and immunization campaigns, to gram scale antibody purification
• Core Protein Science member of project teams in the Inflammation and Oncology fields, focusing on moving biomolecules forward to the preclinical stage
• Member of teams on early manufacturability assessment of biomolecules
• Responsible for development of assays and strategies which led to patent applications for epitope mapping of lead biomolecules

Principal Scientist

Compound Therapeutics
 –  (1 year)
• Identified, characterized and optimized Compound’s lead AdNectin a-KDR antagonist, CT-322 (now BMS-844203 in Phase II clinical trials)
• Supported Process Development in scale up to gram-scale in E. coli, modification, purification and formulation of CT-322 , including coordinating SOP documentation
• Coordinated efforts of 11 FTEs in new Discovery program for inhibitors against another angiogenesis-related target.
• Modified novel AdZymes (enzymes coupled to binding domains) for improved stability.
• Directed 2 Scientist-level staff

Group Leader

 –  (3 years)Lexington, MA
• Expressed and purified novel antibody mimetics; carried out characterization and formulation optimization using analytical methods such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR), SEC, DSC and DLS.
• Developed novel assays for high throughput biophysical characterization of protein targets and binders.
• Set up high throughput screens for the routine screening of 100’s of antibody mimetics /protein target in both direct and competitive formats.
• Developed a robust assay for the detection of both labeled and unlabeled protein targets with protein microarrays from biological samples such as human serum.
• Member of several internal task forces for coordination and improvement of research methods
• Directed 3 Research Associates/Scientists.

Senior Scientist

Incyte Pharmaceuticals
 –  (3 years)Palo Alto, CA
• Developed a robust, accurate, and high-throughput genotyping platform to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on microarrays. Scaled platform to production capacity for a large scale (2000 patient, 96 SNPs) Diabetes II study.
• Designed and carried out experiments on the hybridization cross-reactivity within the cytochrome P450 gene family on DNA microarrays.
• Evaluated and optimized new technologies in a research capacity to improve Incyte's microarray platform, including investigation of product and research opportunities.
• Worked with Production Department on Incyte’s Gene Expression Microarray technology to improve the efficiency, quality and reproducibility of the microarray platform to reach throughput goals of 1000 hybridizations/week.
• Directed 3 Research Associates/Associate Scientists.



PhD, Chemistry

Haverford College

BA, Chemistry


Neutralizing determinants of IL-17 Receptor A and antibodies that bind thereto

United States 7767206
Issued August 3, 2010
2 inventors:

Pharmacokinetic modulation and compositions for modified Fn3 polypeptides

United States 7847062
Issued December 7, 2010

Inhibitors of type 2 vascular endothelial growth factor receptors

United States 7858739
Issued December 28, 2010

Compositions and methods for intraocular delivery of fibronectin scaffold domain proteins

United States 20080220049
Filed 2008

Erythropoietin receptor agonists

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IL-17 receptor antigen binding proteins

United States 20100028345
Filed 2010 

Anti-IL-17 Receptor A neutralizing antibodies

United States 20100292442
Filed 2010

Inhibitors of Type 2 vascular endothelial growth factor receptors

United States 20100310549
Filed 2010

A diversity of antibody epitopes can induce signaling through the erythropoietin receptor


Anti-tumor effect of CT-322 as an Adnectin inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2


Directed Evolution of High-Affinity Antibody Mimics using mRNA Display

Chemistry & Biology

Hybridization Cross-reactivity within Homologous Gene Families on Glass cDNA Microarrays


Rh(phen)2phi3+ as a Shape-Selective Probe of Triple Helices


Targeting the Tat-binding site of Bovine Immunodeficiency Virus TAR RNA with a Shape-selective Rhodium Complex

Bioorg. Med. Chem

Chemical Probing of tDNAPhe with Transition Metal Complexes - a Structural Comparison of RNA and DNA


Honors & Awards

W. R. Grace Fellowship

California Institute of Technology

Phi Beta Kappa

Haverford College

Magill-Rhoads Scholar

Haverford College

Thomas Wistar Brown Scholar

Haverford College

W.E. Smith Scholar

Haverford College

Dana Foundation Scholar

Haverford College