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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Rajalakshmi Subramaniyam

Rajalakshmi Subramaniyam

Postdoctoral Researcher at Konan University

Rajalakshmi Subramaniyam, links
  • Frontier Institute for Biomolecular Engineering Research (FIBER)
    Kobe, Japan






Postdoctoral Researcher

Konan University
 – Present (1 year 2 months)Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Interaction of organic compounds and metal complexes with non-canonical structures of DNA (G-quadruplex and G-triplexes) under molecular crowding conditions

Graduate student

Central Leather Research Institute
   (5 years)Chennai Area, India
Interaction of copper(II) complexes of bi- and tridentate ligands with DNA and their anti-proliferative effects on osteosarcoma cancer cell


ARM College of Engineering and Technology
   (9 months)


DNA condensation by copper(II) complexes and their anti-proliferative effect on cancerous and normal fibroblast cells(Link)

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
May 2, 2014
In our search towards copper(II) based anticancer compounds, copper(II) complexes [Cu(bitpy)2](ClO4)21, [Cu(bitpy)(phen)](NO3)22 and [Cu(bitpy)(NO3)](NO3) 3 were synthesized and characterized. All the three complexes contain the tridentate ligand bitpy, which bears biologically relevant benzimidazolyl head group, as one of the ligands. Because of the presence of the planar benzimidazolyl group in...more

DNA cleavage activity by a mononuclear iron(II)Schiff base complex: Synthesis and structural characterization

J. Chem. Sci., 125 (2013) 1161-1168
March 2013

Antibacterial activity of copper(II) complexes against staphylococcus aureus

RSC Advances
July 2014
Biofilm formation on medical implants is very difficult to overcome, since the bacteria in this form resist the host defense mechanism and antibiotic therapy. What is needed is the development of an anti-biofouling agent which will prevent the formation of a biofilm especially on periprosthetic implants. In this study, the antibiofilm forming potential of two copper(II) complexes namely, [Cu(bitpy...more

Anomalous behavior of pentacoordinate copper complexes of dimethylphenanthroline and derivatives of terpyridine ligands: Studies on DNA binding, cleavage and apoptotic activity

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 46 (2011) 608-617

Copper(II) complexes with substituted terpyridine ligands, namely [Cu(itpy)(dmp)](NO3)2 (1) and [Cu(ptpy)(dmp)](NO3)2 (2) have been synthesized and characterized. The interaction of the complexes with CT-DNA has been explored using spectroscopic techniques and viscosity. Complexes 1 and 2 bind in the grooves of DNA, interestingly 1 in the minor and 2 in the major groove. Both the complexes have...more

Copper(II) complexes of terpyridine derivatives: A footstep towards development of antiproliferative agent for breast cancer

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 117 (2012) 48-59

Two copper(II) complexeswith terpyridyl conjugates, [Cu(meotpy)(dmp)](NO3)2 (1) and[Cu(bitpy)(dmp)](NO3)2 (2) where meotpy, bitpy and dmp stand for methoxybenzyl terpyridine, benzimidazolyl terpyridine and dimethyl phenanthroline respectively have been synthesized and characterized. Complex 1 has also been characterized crystallographically. Both the complexes have been found to bind CT-DNA...mor

DNA binding and cleavage activity by a mononuclear iron(II)Schiff base complex: Synthesis and structural characterization

Journal of Chemical Sciences, Indian Academy of Science 125 (2013) 1161-1168

Cyclic Naphthalene Diimide Binds G-quadruplex DNA independent of Topology and Regulates Transcription

2015  Rajalakshmi Subramaniyam

Honors & Awards

Member of Chemical Society of Japan

Konan University

Nucleic Acids Chemistry beyond the Watson‐Crick Double Helix: DNA Gtriplexes control production of RNA transcript

S. Rajalakshmi,T. Hisae, N. Sugimoto

Oral Presentation in the 95th international conference "Chemical Society of Japan" 2015

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Award - Junior and Senior Research Fellowship

CSIR - India

Ph.D dissertation was nominated for "Best thesis Award" by University of Madras

Interaction of copper(II) complexes of bi- and tridentate ligands with DNA and their Anti-Proliferative effects on Osteosarcoma Cancer Cell

Presented one of my research topics in Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) - Bioinorganic Chemistry, Ventura, CA 2012

Awarded travel grant by DST- India (Department of Science and Technology)


University of Madras

Master degree, Organic Chemistry

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Blood donation Camp - Organizer

ARM College of Engineering and Technology
   (9 months)


Thamizha Thamizhi Educational Trust

Causes Rajalakshmi cares about:

  • Children
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Science and Technology







Nanganallur, India

Map of nanganallur
Nanganallur has been one of the southern suburbs of Chennai till September 2011, but it is now a part of Chennai Corporation in Tamil Nadu. It is a residential area close to the Chennai International Airport. Wikipedia




 32 Feet Bhaktha Anjaneya temple at Nanganallur — in Nanganallur, India.

 "Sri Arthanareeswarar Temple "
4th Main Road, Nanganallur,
Chennai,Tamil Nadu,




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