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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dr. Paolo Lombardi

Paolo Lombardi

Dr. Paolo Lombardi

Owner, Naxospharma; Co-owner & CSO, AESIS Therapeutics


Professional with extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Presently, scientist-entrepreneur.
• Backgrounds in organic synthetic chemistry, process research chemistry, medicinal chemistry.
• Demonstrated expertise in the drug discovery in important therapeutic fields by successful leadership of many result-oriented research projects.
• Creativity and strong commitment to the invention and IP protection of several therapeutical New Chemical Entities, some of which have been advanced into clinical development and into global market.
• Capacity in planning the preclinical iter of candidate compounds, from the design of viable syntheses for the scale-up process up to their earlier therapeutic evaluations. Insight into IND development processes.
• Basically a self-starter, self-motivated drug hunter with a ‘can-do’ spirit and a sense for focusing on creating the drug, very comfortable in operating in start-up situations, securing skills in managing and motivating research staff and facilitating relationships with the scientific community, with the vision and creativity to ‘make things happen’.
• Co-inventor and Inventor of 65+ patents, author and co-author of 150+ research papers, reviews, abstracts, invited lectures and seminars. Teaching appointments at Universities, Master courses & Specialist Schools


Specialties: My( his ) statements:

• Knowing about innovation is one thing; making it work is another.
• Chemistry-driven drug discovery may be politically incorrect, but it works.
• Life sciences which neglect chemistry should arouse our suspicion.
• Cells follow the laws of chemistry
• We wish to cooperate with those who have both knowledge and integrity
• Nature does not care what politicians call it, she just keeps on doing it

Co-founder & CSO

AESIS Therapeutics
 – Present (1 year 9 months)Jesi, Ancona, Italy
A dual spin out company from Naxospharma (Milan, Italy) and Aromics (Barcelona, Spain) aiming at moving inventive findings from the two parent companies into early stage clinical development. Current projects: new agents against HER2+ breast cancer and against malignant mesotheliomas.

President and Owner

Naxospharma srl
 – Present (12 years 5 months)Milan Area, Italy
Chemistry-driven, R&D-only small pharma/biotech aiming at finding new drug candidates to license-out for further development.
Incorporates the culture, know how elements and the people most strongly related to the major achievements of late Farmitalia: distamycin (Herperal ®); daunomycin (Daunoblastin®): doxorubicin (Adriblastin®, Adriamycin®); epirubicin (Farmorubicin®, Ellence®); idarubicin (Zavedos®); exemestane (Aromasin®).
Grants from European Commission, Italian Ministries, Regional and local authorities. Recipient of Premio Mercurio d'Oro (Golden Mercury Award) 2010, Regione Lombardia.
Recipient of Premio Internazionale (International Prize) Le Fonti as the best Research & Biotech Company http://www.premiolefonti.it/vincitori.php
Creation of 5 patents portfolio.
Paolo Lombardi, PhD - President, owner
Prof. Federico-Maria Arcamone - Member
Caterina Vallani, DVM – Member, co-owner

Corporate coworkers and scientists on Linkedin:
Franco Buzzetti
Gaetano Fiorillo
Tanjia Monir Syeda
Cristina Geroni
Carlo Battistini
Laura Franchini

Head of Medicinal Chemistry

 –  (1 year 8 months)
Lyon area
Partecipating in creating value for this biotech since its foundation.


IBI G. Lorenzini
 –  (1 year 7 months)
Rome area
Advise and counsel in the definition of new targets and new “state of the art” technologies for suitable research programmes. Building network of external collaborators. Starting-up projects.

Vice-President for Chemistry

Menarini Ricerche S.p.A.
 –  (7 years 3 months)
Rome area
Building and development of a chemistry-driven competitive Drug Discovery Department. Discovery chemistry (design and synthesis of DNA-interacting compounds, receptor antagonists, enzyme inhibitors), Structural chemistry (high resolution NMR and MS, molecular modelling), Technology chemistry (solid phase continuous flow synthesis, peptides, libraries). Direction of projects and programmes to discover anticancer and antiviral agents, neurokinin antagonists, antiprotozoarian agents, aromatase inhibitors. Establishing efficiency and success rate of delivering drug candidates. Discovered NCEs which entered pre- and clinical development (Sabarubicin, 3rd generation antitumour anthracycline).
Creation of 18 patents corporate portfolio.

Project leader

Farmitalia Carlo Erba
 –  (13 years 10 months)
Milan area
Antinfective research: contributions to the chemistry and synthesis of non-classical β-lactams: penems, nocardicin and clavulanic acid analogues
Process research chemistry: studies of viable syntheses of β-lactams, anthracyclines and their intermediates
Anticancer research: to discover inhibitors of aromatase (ultimate enzyme in oestrogens biosynthesis) as potential drugs for the treatment of breast and other hormone-dependent tumours. Achieved the goal of discovering Exemestane (marketed as AROMASIN) and the clinical follow-up Minamestane, both orally active for post-menopausal breast cancer therapy. Provided viable industrial synthetic methods for both compounds,
Creation of 34 patents corporate portfolio.

Research assistant

Southampton University Chemistry Department
 –  (9 months)
Research work on catalysed Diels-Alder cycloaddition for the syntheses of industrially useful compounds in the laboratory of late Prof. R. C. Cookson (Research grant presented by Firmenich et Cie., Geneve, CH).

2nd Lieutenant Naval Weapons

Italian Navy
 –  (1 year 9 months)
Reserve officer of the civil service. Ammunition factory at Aulla. Warship “C. Duilio”.


University of Southampton

PhD, Chemistry

Dissertation in synthetic organic chemistry. Supervisor: Prof. R. C. Cookson

Italian Naval Academy at Livorno

Midshipman, Naval Weapons

Drilling period (4 months) en route to become a Navy officer of the civil service

Università degli Studi di Milano

doctor, Chemistry

Dissertation in the chemistry of natural products

liceo vittorio veneto

Diploma, science

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