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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dr. Umesh Laddi.........Great Contribution to Chemistry fraternity

Dr. Umesh Laddi

Professor at Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology

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3...........Nanotechnology - Technology for every facet of life


Professor, & HOD, Dept., of Chemistry

Channabasaveshwar Institute of Technology
 – Present (4 years 6 months)Tumkur, India

I am teaching, Engineering Chemistry for first and second semester- engineering students. Enjoying new 'avatar' as a teacher...
Map of Sri Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology

Senior Scientist

Innovassynth Technologies Limited, Khopoli, (formerly, Indian Organic Chemicals Limited)
 –  (3 years 3 months)
Worked on the synthesis and functional group transformations of nucleosides and nucleotides. (Worked for the projects of ISIS, Geron, Honeywell, RPI and other US MNCs).
Co-ordination with a group of 13 chemists (11 M.Sc., & 2 Ph.D.,)
Literature survey, Project management, Group Discussions with Clients (via Teleconference), Updates on projects especially with MNCs (contract research). Good communication skill.
Experience in the field of nucleosides and nucleotides is something to cherish....

Management Executive (R & D)

Syngene International Limited
 –  (7 months)
Worked on the synthesis of drug intermediates, fine chemicals, (for Affymax, Serono Pharmaceuticals, Astra-Zeneca, BMS etc., in the form of contract research). Here in my work was mostly, on the synthesis of drug intermediates (for MNCs).

Sr.Development Officer (R & D)

Rallis India Ltd
 –  (3 years 4 months)
Worked in the process development of agrochemicals, pharma intermediates, speciality chemicals. Here in I mainly worked in the field of agrochemicals (herbicides, plant growth regulators, insectides and fungicides).


Karnatak University

Synthetic Organic chemistry (Heterocyclic chemistry),
Pharmacological Activities such as antiinflammatory, analgesic and anticonvulsant activities. Antimicrobial activities.

Karnatak University

Hubli Area, India

Ph.D., (1993-1998)

M.Sc., (April 1992)

B.Sc., (April, 1989)

Map of karnatak university dharwad

Pondicherry University

UV Laddi, SR Desai, RS Bennur, SC Bennur,Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 11 (4), 319-322
MC Hosur, MB Talawar, UV Laddi, RS Bennur, SC Bennur, ChemInform 26 (44)

UV Laddi, MB Talawar, SR Desai, RS Bennur, SC Bennur,INDIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY SECTION B 40 (9), 828-833

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UV Laddi, SR Desai, YS Somannavar, RS Bennur, SC Bennur,Indian Journal of Chemistry 37, 461-467

SR Desai, U Laddi, RS Bennur, PA Patil, S Bennur,Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences 73 (1), 115

UV Laddi, SR Desai, YS Somannavar, RS Bennur, SC Bennur,Indian drugs 34 (11), 666-673

UV Laddi, MB Talawar, SR Desai, YS Somannavar, RS Bennur, ...
Indian drugs 35 (8), 509-513

M.C.Hosur, M.B.Talawar, U.V.Laddi, R.S.Bennur & S.C.Bennur,Indian J. Heterocyclic Chem., 3, 237-42


Contributor to
Umesh Laddi


Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology
N.H. 206, B.H. Road, Gubbi, Tumkur 572 216 
(Near Bangalore), Karnataka, India. 
Tel : 08131 223818 / 223365 / 223144 
Fax : 08131 223177

Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology

Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology,Gubbi,Tumkur


William Arthur Memorial Church, Gubbi ...

Gubbi, Karnataka / Palukere Amma Temple

Sri Chidambarashram is situated at Gubbi Town which is about 22 Kms from Tumkur. 

Bus Stand, Gubbi 

Siddarameshwara Temple, Tumkur


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  1. Thanq Dr.Crasto, I don't know whether or not I deserve this. It is interesting to share the knowledge we gain to others via social media and probably it gives more pleasure than anything else!.

  2. Dear Dr Umesh........You contribute time for society, a noble gesture...thanks

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