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Friday, 20 November 2015

2nd International conference on Advanced Techniques and Applications of Mass Spectrometry, 19-20 November 2015, Mumbai, India, by SELECTBIO

 Advanced Techniques and Applications of Mass Spectrometry

2nd International conference on Advanced Techniques and Applications of Mass Spectrometry, 19-20 November 2015,  at Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai, India, by SELECTBIO

 A Presentation

Saranjit Singh, Professor/Head, NIPER

Dr Saranjit Singh is Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) at S.A.S. Nagar, Panjab. He acted as Dean of the institute from July 2008-July 2011. He is Member, Expert Advisory Panel on the International Pharmacopoeia and Pharmaceutical Preparations, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva. He was an invitee member, IARC Monographs Development Program, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France in 2013. He also acted as a temporary advisor to WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations between 2007-2010.

Dr Singh is in education and research for the last 32 years. He has published 180 research papers, general articles and book chapters. Till date he has delivered 373 invited lectures at various forums, including AAPS, USP, IPA, IDMA, etc. He is regularly invited to hold full-day training sessions for pharmaceutical industry in India and abroad.

He is a member of Editorial Advisory Board of many journals and reviewer to most of the journals in the area of pharmaceutical analysis.

Dr Singh is recipient of Professor M.L. Khorana Memorial Lecture Award (2005), and IDMA-APA Eminent Analyst (2008) and Outstanding Analyst (2002) Awards.



With Ashraf mahmoud el marsafy, Dr, Prof., Mr Sanjay Bajaj of selectbio and Anthony Melvin Crasto ,
Bhawna Madan at Ramada Powai Hotel & Convention Centre

 Dr, Prof. Ashraf mahmoud el marsafy, IS LAB DIRECTOR from ministry of agriculture, Egypt

Mrs Zimmer seen in pic holding plate, Anthony Melvin Crasto. AND Mr Markus Zimmer
Mr Markus Zimmer, Head, Analytical Development, Sanofi, in 34184, Montpellier, cedex4, France,  Head of “Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis Unit 2”, now responsible for the analytical development of new chemical entities up to clinical phase 2b.

Markus Zimmer in action

Markus Zimmer, Head, Analytical Development, Sanofi

In 1995, Dr Markus Zimmer graduated as licensed pharmacist from the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken/Germany, where he received in 1997 his PhD in Pharmakognosy and Analytical Phytochemistry.
He worked as an Assistant production manager (WALA/Eckwälden) before joining 1999 the Analytical Sciences Department of Hoechst Marrion Roussel (HMR) – now Sanofi - in Frankfurt/Germany as lab head. In parallel, he completed the qualification as pharmacist specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology (2001) and Pharmaceutical Analytics (2003).
In 2006, Markus Zimmer moved to Sanofi in Montpellier/France as Head of “Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis Unit 2”, now responsible for the analytical development of new chemical entities up to clinical phase 2b.
Markus Zimmer Image

Anthony Melvin Crasto. with Dr. Juergen Schaefer, Lab Head, Sanofi, Frankfurt

seated Anthony Melvin Crasto. with exactly behind Dr. Juergen Schaefer, Lab Head, Sanofi, Frankfurt
Juergen Schaefer

Juergen Schaefer
Lab Head, Sanofi, Frankfurt

Juergen Schaefer, Lab Head, Sanofi

Dr Juergen Schaefer is currently Laboratory Head for Mass Spectrometry in Analytical Sciences, Lead Generation to Candidate Realization of Sanofi in Frankfurt. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Prof. Michael Karas at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt (MALDI-TOF-MS) and has about 20 years of experience in Mass Spectrometry of Biopolymers. Since 2000 he worked in Protein Biomarker Discovery using Proteomics Mass spectrometry at Proteome Sciences. He developed Quantitative MS-based Techniques (e.g. TMT, Tandem Mass Tags) for Peptide and Protein Profiling. After joining Sanofi in 2009, he is mainly responsible for Characterization of Peptides and Proteins with Mass Spectrometric Tools in combination with Separation Methods for Analytical Sciences as well as for Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies for Bioanalytics & Formulation in Frankfurt.

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Keynote Speakers

Shyamalava Mazumdar
Shyamalava Mazumdar
Senior Professor (I), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Juergen Schaefer
Juergen Schaefer
Lab Head, Sanofi
R K Khandal
R K Khandal
President R & D and Business Development, India Glycols Limited
Saranjit Singh
Saranjit Singh
Professor/Head, NIPER
Utpal Tatu
Utpal Tatu
Professor, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Alka Beotra
Alka Beotra
Scientific Director & PT Coordinator, National Dope Testing Laboratory
Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh
Director, Mayo Clinic
Markus Zimmer
Markus Zimmer
Head, Analytical Development, Sanofi
View all Keynote Speakers


SELECTBIO is pleased to welcome you to its 2nd Annual Conference on “Advanced Techniques & Applications of Mass Spectrometry” scheduled to be held on November 19-20, 2015 at Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai, India.

After the successful inaugural conference in IICT, Hyderabad last year, this conference has been conceptualized to discuss the advanced techniques and applications of Mass Spectrometry. The experts in this conference will cover various advanced techniques followed by novel applications of Mass Spectrometry in analysis of Pharmaceutical and Forced Degradation products, Metabolites, Food, Environment, Forensic, Clinical and Biological samples. This event will provide you with excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge on Mass Spectrometry as well as learn the advanced applications in different fields. Further, this event will also help in networking with like minded peers, helping you to build new relationships and optimize your workflow.

Running alongside the conference will be an exhibition covering the latest technological advances and associated services within this field.

Lab Visit

A Mass Spectrometry Lab Visit and Demonstration in SAIF, IIT Bombay will form an integral part of this event.This SAIF Laboratory houses MS Instruments like LC-MS QTOF, GC-MS QTOF, GC- HRMS, ICP- MS, HR- LCMS, LC-MS, TOF-SIMS etc and will cover demonstration of LCMS QTOF & GCMS QTOF.

Who Should Attend

Scientists and Researchers, Biotechnologists, Medical doctors, Clinicians and Chemists from Academics,Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Forensic/Food/Environmental Industries, Laboratories working in the following areas/field :

 •Pharmaceutical Analysis, Organic, Analytical & Medicinal Chemistry and Scientists working in Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography Laboratory , Stability Studies, Forced degradation/stress studies in Pharmaceuticals, Formulation Development, Drug Discovery, Biomarker Discovery

•Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics & Lipidomics

•Mass Spectrometry for Clinical Diagnosis, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Sciences, Forensic Medicine and Forensic Toxicology

•Analysis of Food, Dairy Products, Beverages including those engaged in detection of Food Packaging contaminants and Mycotoxins in food samples

•Analysis of Waste water contaminants and Air Pollutants like Pesticides, Perfluorinated compounds and Polyphenolic compounds

International Advisory Board Members

Ruth Andrew, Professor & Chair of Pharmaceutical Endocrinology, University of Edinburgh, UK

Gregori Casals, Scientist, Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Spain

Juergen Gross, Head Mass Spectrometry Lab, Heidelberg University, Germany

Conference Package - Includes Registration and two nights accommodation, (Valid up to November 5, 2015 only)


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