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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Uday Neelam

Dr. Uday Neelam
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry
    Kakatiya University, India
  • M.Sc. in Chemistry
    National Institute of Technology at Warangal, India
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry
    Osmania University, India
  • Scientist at Dr.Reddy's Laboratories, India
  • Visiting Scholar 2014-2015

mobile no 9704044420
Uday Kumar Neelam (@udaykumarneelam) | Twitter


Our research work is mainly focused on development of an efficient (IP free), Plant friendly, cost-effective, and commercially viable synthetic method for a given drug molecule. Our development work reaches end by attaining desired polymorph with ICH quality of final API, thorough understanding on impurity profile of whole synthesis, and implementation on manufacturing scale.


Assistant Manager/Scientist

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
– Present (4 years 4 months)Hyderabad Area, India
Development of novel and environmentally friendly processes for pharmaceutical agents

Visiting Scholar

University of Pennsylvania
(1 year)Roy and Diana Vegelos Laboratories for Advanced Science and Technology
Worked on C-C bond formation via C-H activation using Pd(II).
Advisor: Dr. Marisa C. Kozlowski, Professor of Chemistry, Philadelphia, USA

Junior Manager

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
(2 years 1 month)

Senior Executive – R&D

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
(3 years 1 month)

Trainee Chemist – R&D

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
(1 year 3 months)

Honors & Awards

1. IPDO award for significant contribution in achieving API cost leadership in Prazole drug synthesis by developing common platform technology from IPDO-Head and CEO, Dr. Reddy’s (2007)

2. Best Poster award in Technical conclave” conducted on Chemistry and Process Engineering (2009)

3. PSAI excellence award – Excellence in Project Execution” of new antiulcerative drug – Enantiopure sulphoxide derivative from PSAI-Head, Dr. Reddy’s. (2009)

4. IPDO Utasv 2009” – High performance team award from SBU-Head, Dr. Reddy’s. (2009)


1. Process for the Preparation of Cinacalcet

United States PCT 058235 A2, 2008.

2. Methods for Preparing Cinacalcet Hydrochloride

United States PCT 058236 A2, 2008.

3. A Process for the Preparation of Benzimidazole Derivatives and their salt

United States PCT 045777 A2, 2008.

4. Dexlansoprazole Process and Polymorphs

United States PCT 117489 A1, 2009

5. Decitabine Process and Crystalline Form

United States PCT 129211 A2

6. Aliskiren Hemifumarate Process and their Intermediates

United States PCT 021446

7. Dexlansoprazole with Pharmaceutical excipients

United States US WO 0263475 A1

8. Synthesis and Characterization of potential impurities of Aliskiren and its intermediates

United States 2011/CHE/2012


1. An Improved Process for the Production of Lansoprazole: Investigation of Key Parameters That Influence the Water Content in Final API

Org. Process Res. Dev., 2010, 14 (1), 229–233

2. An efficient synthesis of dexlansoprazole employing asymmetric oxidation strategy

Tetrahedron Letters., 2011, 52( 42), 5464-5466

3. (R)-(+)-2-{[(3-Methyl-4-nitro-pyridin-2-yl)meth-yl]sulfin-yl}-1H-benzimidazole.

Acta Crys., 2011, E67, o2190

4. Iron triflate mediated reductive amination of aldehydes using sodium borohydride

Tetrahedron Letters., 2012, 53, 4354-4358

5. Metathesis approach to the formal synthesis of aliskiren.

Chemistry & Biology Interface., 2013, 3, 1, 14-17

6. Regioselective methylation of indazoles using methyl 2,2,2-trichloromethyl-acetimidate.

Tetrahedron Letters., 2013, 54 1661

7. Zinc Triflate Catalyzed Acetylation of Alcohols, Phenols and Thiophenols.

Tetrahedron Letters., 2013

8. Identification, characterization and synthesis of potential impurities of Aliskiren Hemifumarate, an antihypertensive drug

Chemistry & Biology Interface., 2013, 3, 5, 304-313.

9. Synthesis of Bis(indolyl)methanes by using ferric triflate as catalyst

Chemistry & Biology Interface., 2013, 3, 5, 334-338

10. Scalable synthesis of 3-amino-2, 2-dimethylpropanamide: A key intermediate for Aliskiren

Chemistry & Biology Interface., 2014, 4, 1, 36-43

11. Zinc triflate catalyzed synthesis of thioethers.

Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2014, 4, 131-136.

12. Alternative Route towards the Convergent Synthesis of an Orally Active Renin Inhibitor Aliskiren.

Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2014, 4, 363-373.

13. Ferric Triflate Fe(OTf)3 as a Highly Efficient Catalyst for the Acetylation of Alcohols, Phenols, Thiols and Amines: Reaction Mechanism Understanding through Density Functional Theory.

Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2014, 4, 263-267.

14. Comproportionation based Cu(I) catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition of nitriles and sodium azide

Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2015, 5, 51-62.

15. Investigation of a Kumada Cross Coupling Reaction for Large-Scale Production of (2S, 7R, E)-2-Isopropyl-7-(4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)benzyl)-N,N,8-trimethylnon-4-enamide

Org. Process Res. Dev., 2015, 19, 3, 470–475


Osamina University

Ph.D, Chemistry

Thesis Title: “synthesis of few pharmaceutically active compounds and their related substances”

Kakatiya University

B. Sc, Biotechnology


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