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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Prof. Dr. O. P. Nautiyal........profile

Prof. Dr. O. P. Nautiyal

Prof. Dr. O. P. Nautiyal

Editorial Board Member at E Cronicon Chemistry UK
Jalandhar Area, India
Education Management
  1. E Cronicon Chemistry UK,
  2. Harayama University,
  3. Pharmaceutical

  2. ISTAR,
  3. Alert India Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT) Mumbai
I am to be honored with Fellow of Royal Society Chemistry and Chartered scientist (CSci).

Untiring research to be accomplished for the benefit of society and nation. I wish to win awards and honor from GOI for my scientific, academic and corporate accomplishments. I want to let other know the spiritual power effect in being positive in life and career. The young and budding Organic chemist who wish to pursue their career in research shall be motivated for taking up research activities for the development of the society and country.

R&D Accomplishments:
New product development have been my great strength while working for various sectors which includes API’s like Colchicoside, thiocolchicoside, 3-demethylthiocolchicine, Methscopolamine nitrate USP, Etoposide, Parsol, biotransformation of drug precursor like thiocolchicine to 3-demethylthiocolchicine, synthesis of side chain and undertaking the coupling reactions for synthesizing the drug with complete efficacy as pharmacopoeia. I have performed the research with non infringing the patents. I have also been expert in eradicating the drug impurities from the final drug in keeping the cost of the process in mind. The best accomplishment that I could mention is of Mount Cat from hydro colloids which were deproteinated first without allowing transforming the major structures and then quaternizing it. I was the first scientist among the USA colleagues to claim the breakthrough for the same. The product was registered in the chemical abstracts in the year 2006 and was also forwarded for the filling of patent then. All my accomplishments are well adopted. In most of the technology development I helped in saving at least 5-15% of the process cost.
Hydro colloids being rich in protein contents and hence the deproteination was done and analyzed. The protocol was made and also the process was forwarded for the patenting. Validation, co-ordination and training were the part of the responsibilities.

Editorial Board Member

E Cronicon Chemistry UK
– Present (2 months)Glasgow UK
EC Chemistry (ECCH) journal publishes peer-reviewed open access articles in all the arenas of chemistry that includes inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biological chemistry physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, industrial and engineering chemistry, nanochemistry, computational chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, phytochemistry and all the relevant topics. The journal desires to publish quality articles in all the thirst areas of chemistry.


Professor of Organic chemistry (Hetero cyclic chemistry)

Harayama University
– Present (1 year 3 months)Diwe Dara Ethiopia
Two years contract for professing the Hetero cyclic chemistry. One of the reputed universities there.

Consuting scientist

– Present (5 years 6 months)
I am being consulted on bio transformation, synthesis, semi synthesis for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Which also includes impurity discard to meet an assay of the final drugs.

Consulting scientist

– Present (5 years 6 months)HP
Entire API production right from R&D to commercialization.

Professor & Head

(10 months)
I have taught spectroscopy, Dyes & intermediates, Natural Products Chemistry, Organic chemistry and have administered.Training & Placements also carried out by me by inviting campus interviews.I have also coordinated industry tours for post graduates.

Professor & Head

(10 months)Gujarat
As Head and Professor I lead entire pedagogy of MSc courses and administration.I have trained and placed MSc students in the industry. Placements drive were arranged with various industries. Thus was the first time any faculty have achieved such target. I have also organized an industry tour with Atul Ltd.,and Heubach for MSc students. I was convener of NAAC. It was the first time in the history of their long functioning, I earned a major project of 20 lacs from UGC with the promise of further grants from the interface experts of UGC. I was to be promoted for the Directorship but most of my colleagues did not like that happen. Instead a scientist from ISRO with no major API of Professor cadre was called to join as Director. My Syndicate approval was kept deliberately lingering in the SPU so that they could have pushed bad cards for me. Great unfortunate.............

Ex Professor & Head-R&D

Alert India Pvt. Ltd.
(7 months)New Delhi Area, India
Heading R&D for six units a polymer based business specifically manufacturing shoe soles of high quality and enjoy the reputation of being number one.
(Open)6 projects
(Open)1 honor or award


Alert India Pvt Ltd
(7 months)New Delhi
I have given the new direction of R&D to the company and management for their business. When they were reluctant to accept that then I have published papers on the commercial R&D. Hopefully the management is convinced now for my accomplishments which was denied.


Lovely Professional University
(1 year 11 months)Jalandhar
Complete curriculum training and placements were accomplished. I was facilitated and honored for publishing a paper in high impact factor journal. I was also member of Board of Studies and as an adviser for the research. As an auditor for Effluent treatments of laboratory wastes as per UGC guidelines. Gave a documented dossier for ETP.

R&D Manager

India malt Pvt Ltd
(1 year 2 months)Vadodara Area, India
I have supervised the scientists and chemists in India and USA for the research of hydro colloids business. Among the USA scientists colleagues I was the first one to research and develop the process of deproteination of Cassia Gum and related gums to quaternize it to prepare Mount Cat for P&G. It was successfully commercialized, registered in chemical abstracts. Now it is successfully manufactured to the tune of 5000 MT/pa.

senior scientist-R&D

Alchem International Ltd.
(2 years 8 months)Ballabgarh Haryana
Alchem International Limited management gave me a diligent opportunity and platform to work as senior scientist-R&D. Their faith in me encouraged me to work tirelessly for the company and I am pleased to share that whatever I have accomplished for the company has come as a great recognition to my research, scientific capabilities and skills. I am very much indebted to Raman Mehta Sir (CMD) and Mr Bharat Mehta (Sr VP). I would love to dream to work with them again should they further seek me as an employee.

senior scientist-R&D

High Polymers Lab Ltd.
(6 months)Faridabad Haryana
I have researched hydrazine based products as Gas Blowing Agents and Parsol.

senior scientist-R&D

Gran Heal Pharma Ltd.
(3 years 8 months)Giregaon Mumbai
I researched the processes by super critical carbon dioxide at IIT Mumbai. Emulsification of essential oils for the use of Foods as long shelf life products were researched. I have also guided the company for diversify the business.

R&D scientist

Jayant Industrial and Scientific Research
(1 year 4 months)Thane Maharashtra
Castor based products researched. Peach aldehyde was synthesized form undecnaldehyde. Process for Vanilla extracts was optimized.

R&D Officer

Somaiya Organics India Ltd
(1 year 7 months)Barabanki UP
1,3-butanediol, 3-methoxybutanol, Butanol were developed with catalytic hydrogenation and methoxylation. The processes were successfully commercialized. The work was carried out at CDRI Lucknow as sponsorship.

 Golden temple Amritsar, India


Jalandhar, Punjab India:


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