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Monday, 2 November 2015



Dr. R. G. Micetich’s research career began in 1963 as a Research Scientist with R & L Molecular Research Ltd. (established by Dr. R. U. Lemieux). This company later became Raylo Chemicals Ltd. Dr. Micetich served as the Research Director (Pharmaceutical Research) of Raylo. During the period from 1963 to 1980 Dr. Micetich’s group was involved in pharmaceutical research and process development work in antibiotics and in NSAI’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents). This work produced a drug “Mofezolac” – a NSAI which is now marketed in Japan by the Japanese company “Yoshitomi”. Market ~ U.S. $60 million.
In 1980, Dr. R. G. Micetich joined the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alberta as an Adjunct Professor working on projects for international big Pharma companies. The work with Taiho Pharmaceutical Company in Japan has produced another drug – a beta-lactamase inhibitor – “TAZOBACTAM” which is now marketed worldwide. This drug now produces annual sales of over US$ 1 billion.
In 1987, Dr. Micetich established a joint venture research company with Taiho, Japan called SynPhar. SynPhar had numerous patents worldwide in various therapeutic areas and many compounds and classes of compounds at various stages of development up to late preclinical.
In view of the significant growth opportunities for SynPhar and in response to the changing international market place for pharmaceuticals, Dr. Micetich acquired and transferred all the assets including intellectual property, equipment and fixtures from SynPhar to NAEJA Pharmaceutical Inc. in 1999. NAEJA is a private Albertan company, founded by the Micetich family which from an initial staff in August 1999 of 40, has grown to 130 and is still growing. NAEJA is a completely self-supporting private company with no venture capital, nor private, nor government funding. The majority of NAEJA employees hold Ph.D.’s. NAEJA has collaborative agreements with pharmaceutical companies around the world. Based on its own intellectual property, NAEJA also has a number of co-development agreements with biotech companies worldwide. Dr. Micetich laid the seeds of foundation for NAEJA and the company continues after his passing, building his legacy.
Dr. R. G. Micetich boasted over 100 publications in well know scientific journals and composed over 100 patents taken out in many countries…………..http://www.bioalberta.com/ron-micetich

RONALD G. MICETICH (1931-2006): A Scientific Career Ronald Micetich was born in Podanur, Coimbatore (South India). Following receipt of B.Sc. Honors (Chemistry, Loyola College, Madras) and M.A. (Chemistry, Madras University) degrees in India, Ron obtained a Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan, Canada) in 1962. Ron initiated his interest in microbiology while he was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Research Council of Canada. During the period 1963-1980, Ron held a number of industrial appointments where he rapidly advanced his industrial scientific career (research scientist → associate research director → acting research director → director pharmaceutical / agricultural research) at Raylo Chemicals in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1981 Ron joined the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta as an Adjunct Professor at which time a highly successful drug development program was established with Taiho Pharmaceuticals. This joint industrial collaboration led to the birth of SynPhar with Dr. Micetich as Chairman of the Board, President, CEO and Research Director (1987-1999). Ron, again as Chairman of the Board, CEO and Research Director, established NAEJA (North America, Europe, Japan, Asia) Pharmaceuticals in 1999 with a rollover of assets, including staff, equipment and intellectual property, from SynPhar Laboratories. What began as a full fledged pharmaceutical company with an extensive intellectual property portfolio and a proven track record evolved into an internationally respected pharmaceutical outsource service provider. NAEJA has carved a unique niche in the outsource industry offering extensive discovery experience and expertise. Today, NAEJA has over 120 staff that consists of over 90% scientists holding PhD degrees.,………….see link below

RONALD G. MICETICH – University of Alberta – Journal …

Dr.Muhammed Majeed with Dr. Ronald Micetich, CEO, Naeja Pharmaceuticals, Edmonton Canada’.
Christopher Micetich
Christopher Micetich

Founder, President & CEO, Board Chairman

Fedora Pharmaceuticals Inc.
January 2012 – Present (3 years 10 months)Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fedora Pharmaceuticals has developed a family of beta-lactamase inhibitors designed to have activity against pathogens containing all four classes of beta-lactamases. These promising novel beta-lactamase inhibitors, used in combination with various beta-lactam antibiotics to treat those antibiotic infections currently resistant to therapy, have recently been licensed to Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant, Hoffman La Roche Ltd. in what is being touted as one of the largest biotech licensing deals ever signed in Canadian history!
Fedora Pharmaceuticals in Canada and Meiji Seika in Japan, with shared world-wide rights, have teamed and jointly entered into this significant tripartite agreement with Roche. Under the terms of the agreement, Roche will obtain exclusive rights from both companies to develop and commercialize the agent worldwide excluding Japan. Fedora and Meiji will receive from Roche; an upfront payment, development, regulatory and sales event milestone payments in addition to royalties on sales of products. While the details of the amounts have not been disclosed a total deal value of US$750 Million in addition to royalties has been announced.
Fedora was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

President & CEO, Founder

August 1999 – Present (16 years  PLUS)
NAEJA Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a privately controlled pharmaceutical CRO specializing in early stage drug discovery research with particular expertise in the area of Medicinal Chemistry. NAEJA employs highly skilled PhD scientists recruited from around the globe.
The company boasts a very long and successful track record of rapidly advancing drugs through discovery into the clinic. Several drugs in latter stages of clinical development and on the market today have originated from NAEJA. Most recently is Fedora Pharmaceuticals US $750M licensing deal to Hoffman La Roche Ltd that originated from the laboratories of NAEJA.
As a privately controlled company, NAEJA are very responsive to client’s needs offering many years of drug discovery experience to successfully find ways to advance research programs in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner. NAEJA’s longstanding track record is a testimony in itself!

BIG TEAM Hernandez, front row, fifth from left, poses during a research meeting at Naeja’s headquarters.

BIG TEAM Hernandez, front row, fifth from left, poses during a research meeting at Naeja’s headquarters.

Map of Naeja Pharmaceutical Inc
  4290 91A St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5V2, Canada
Phone:+1 780-462-4044



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