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Friday, 6 May 2016

Karuna Wankhede-Bhokare

Dr. Karuna Wankhede-Bhokare.

Dr. Karuna Wankhede-Bhokare

Postdoctoral Researcher, LMU


With vast industrial research experience, looking for research scientist position where innovative ideas can be transformed into realities with continuous process of learning and sharing new skills.


Research Scientist

Wockhardt Research Centre
 –  (3 years 10 months)Aurangabad Area, India
• Synthesis of New Chemical entities particularly antibiotics, β-lactam inhibitor molecules based upon SAR.
• Proposing and designing synthetic route for newer molecule and its synthesis with more than 90% HPLC.
• One of the major work includes synthesis and method development of WCK 5178 one of the lead molecule. During the development of this molecules developed coupling of Na-DBO core with hydrazide in water, which is the key step in the synthesis. Synthesis of all known impurities of WCK 5178.
• Synthesis and scale up of DBO core, one of the most important key intermediate for WCK 5178 by patentable route
• Identification of unknown and major impurity based upon NMR, formed during the synthesis of side chain of WCK 5178 at plant scale.
• Proposed and attempted synthesis of side chain of another promising lead molecule WCK 5153.

Research Scientist

Piraml Healthcare Ltd
 –  (3 years)
• Synthesis of drug intermediates.

• Designing different synthetic routes, doing literature search and its screening using

various reagents and conditions and selecting cost effective and patentable route.

• Optimization of cost effective synthetic route, documenting results.

• Worked on synthesis intermediate of an anti-HIV molecule Amprenavir and Atazanavir, intermediate for Moxifloxacin, Donepezil drug molecule.

• Handling of small scale (0.1g-0.5g) to large scale (100g-500g) experiments. 


University of Mumbai

PhD, Organic Chemistry

Worked on “Some Studies on [3+2] Cycloadducts” which includes:
• 1,3-Dipolar reactions of nitrile oxide with alkene and alkynes, click chemistry of azides and alkynes.
• The studies includes synthesis of few known and unknown 1,3-dipoles particularly nitrile oxides and azides.
• Employed these dipoles and dipolarophiles in cycloaddition study and to establish regio- and stereochemistry of the newly formed cycloadducts by spectral and chemical correlation.
• Applications of 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions as a tool for the synthesis of bioconjugates particularly steroid and carbohydrate based conjugates.

University of Mumbai

PhD in organic chemistry, Organic Chemistry


A process for preparation of sodium salt of (2S, 5R)-6-(benzyloxy)-7-oxo-1,6-diazabicyclo[3.2.1]octane



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