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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Rebecca Murphy


Rebecca Murphy 

Hailing from the great state of Massachusetts, Rebecca grew up in the rural town of Chelmsford. As a youngster, Rebecca picked up the art of horseback riding, and realized she wanted to be a world-class equestrian rider. After much training in Chelmsford and her parent's farm in Rhode Island, Rebecca's opportunity came at the University of Rochester where she not only was part of the Equestrian Club (proudly competing in Zone 2, Region 2 of the IHSA), she also picked up a B.S. in chemistry researching under the tutelage of Dr. Robert K. Boeckman, Jr. in the area of organic methodology. Realizing that the two and a half year gap of competing in the 2012 Olympics was out of reach, Rebecca galloped to UC Berkeley to begin her work in natural product synthesis. When Rebecca is not riding around campus, Rebecca enjoys a good movie (i.e. Dr. Zhivago), traveling around the world, or enjoying sushi and Indian cuisine (not mutually exclusive of course). 

Contact Information 

Email: rmurphy @calmail.berkeley.edu 

Rebecca Murphy
B.S. University of Rochester
Ph.D.: University of California, Berkeley
Currently: Pfizer
Joined in: 2009

Rebecca Murphy

Undergraduate: University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)
Group at Berkeley: Professor Richmond Sarpong, joined 2009
Research Interests: Natural product synthesis
ISP Initiation: 2009
ISP Position(s): President (2011-2012)
Other Interests: Rebecca enjoys distance running and horseback riding in her free time.
Select Publications:
Murphy, R. A.; Sarpong, R. Direct Methoxypyridine Functionalization Approach to Magellanine-Type Lycopodium Alkaloids. Org Lett. 2011.



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