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Monday, 19 October 2015

Eugenia Kharlampieva


Eugenia Kharlampieva, Ph.D.,  

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Alabama at Birmingham
USAUAB Center of Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration
UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center
UAB School of Medicine, Graduate Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry & Structural Biology)
UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Kharlampieva received her BS degree in Chemistry in 1995 from Chelyabinsk State University, Russia; and an MS in Organic Chemistry in 1996 from Chelyabinsk State University in Russia; and also an MS from Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Chelyabinsk State University in Russia, 2001. She went on to obtain her PhD degree in Polymer Chemistry in 2007 from the Stevens Institute of Technology; her dissertation research topic was Responsive Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. Dr. Kharlampieva joined the UAB Department of Chemistry faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2010.
Research Interest
Synthesis of novel stimuli-responsive polymers; Design of polymeric and bio-materials at nano- and micro-scales with tunable properties and functionalities of biomedical relevance; Development of multifunctional nanocomposites through controlled synthesis and assembly of stimuli-responsive polymers and functional nanostructures for environmental applications and biosensing; Probing mechanisms of polymer and protein assembly at water/solid and biomaterial/cell interfaces; advanced structural and compositional characterization of materials at the nanoscale including in situ Vibrational spectroscopy and Neutron scattering; and exploration of materials performance in ecological and bio-environments through collaborative partnerships with universities, national labs, and industry.

Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, 2007, Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ
Dissertation: Responsive Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
B.S./M.S., Organic Chemistry, 1996, Chelyabinsk State University, Russia
Curriculum Vitae


Kharlampieva Research Group
    Department of Chemistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham
    901 14th Street South CHEM291, Birmingham, AL 35294

 Eugenia Kharlampieva

Eugenia Kharlampieva, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry,
Biochemistry & Structural Biology, Graduate Biomedical Sciences, the UAB School of Medicine
Center of Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
901 14th Street South, CHEM-291
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: 205-934-0974
Fax: 205-934-2543
E-mail: ekharlam@uab.edu
Lives in Birmingham, Alabama 
Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, 2007, Stevens Institute of Technology
Dissertation: Responsive Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
M.S., Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, 2001, Chelyabinsk State University, Russia
M.S., Organic Chemistry, 1996, Chelyabinsk State University, Russia
B.S., Chemistry, 1995, Chelyabinsk State University, Russia
Professional Appointments
Associate Professor, 2015 - present
Assistant Professor, 2010 - 2015
Department of Chemistry, the Center of Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration, the University of Alabama at Birmingham
Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2007 - 2010
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Graduate Research Assistant, 2001 - 2006
Department of Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
Lead Scientist, 2000 - 2001
Division of Organic Synthesis, "Mechel", Russia
Scientist, 1996 - 2000
Division of Organic Synthesis, "Mechel", Russia
Honors and Awards
Executive Committee, Oak Ridge National Lab, SHUG (SNS and HFIR User Group), 2015-2017
Emerging Investigator by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2014
NSF CAREER Award, 2014
UAB College of Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Innovation Award, 2013
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques, 2010-2014
NSF-ICMR (National Science Foundation International Center for Materials Research) Apprentice Science Reporter Award, 2010
Executive Committee, Oak Ridge National Lab, SHUG (SNS and HFIR User Group), 2010
ICNS-09 Young Investigator Award (conference support), Oak Ridge, TN, 2009
Scholar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory/SNS, Oak Ridge, TN, 2007
Scholar, Imaging and Neutrons Workshop, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, 2006
Outstanding Graduate Achievement Award, Stevens Institute of Technology, May 2003

Professional Services and Activities
Sigma Xi UAB Chapter President, Sept 2015 - present
Reviewer, NSF DMR, NSF CHEM, ASC PRF, International proposals
Reviewer, Neutron Scattering Science Review Committee, NIST, 2013-present
Reviewer, Neutron Scattering Science Review Committee, ORNL, SNS and HFIR, 2013-present
Advisory Committee in Neutron Scattering, UT/ORNL DOE EPSCoR program, 2012-present
Chair, Layer-by-Layer Assemblies: Science and Technology Conference, Hoboken, NJ, 06/24/14
Session Organizer, Chair, "Nano-Polymers", 6th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nano-Structured Materials (NANOSMAT-2011), 17-20 October, 2011, Krakow, Poland
Organizing Committee Member, International Conference on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Pharma-2011, 6-7 September, Baltimore, USA
Co-Chair, COLL: Polyelectrolyte: Complexes and Multilayers, the 242d ACS meeting, Denver, Colorado, August 29, 2011
Research Mentor, UAB MERIT program (Mentored Experiences in Research, Instruction and Teaching), since 2010
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques, since 2010
Reporter, MRS Meeting Scene e-newsletters, American Conference on Neutron Scattering (ACNS), Ottawa, Canada, 2010
Reporter, International Conference on Neutron Scattering ICNS 2009, Knoxville, Knoxville, TN, 2009
Co-Chair, IEEE SENSORS 2007, Optical Biosensors, The sixth IEEE conference on sensors, Atlanta, GA, October 30, 2007
Board of Instrument Advisors, Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) and High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) Oak Ridge National lab, since 2006
Member, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, since 2012
Member, UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center, since 2012
Member, American Nano Society, since 2010
Member, American Crystallographic Association, since 2009
Member, Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, since2007
Member, Materials Research Society, since 2006
Member, American Chemical Society, since 2002


Multilayer hydrogels with pH-responsive swelling and surface wettability

United States 9,074,034
Issued July 7, 2015
A novel type of ultrathin cationic hydrogel coatings are provided that have high, quick and reversible swelling/shrinkage transitions and surface wettability in response to pH changes. The poly(4-vinyl pyridine) (PVP) hydrogel films are produced by selective cross-linking of PVP copolymers in layer-by-layer (LbL) films assembled by spin-assisted method. These multilayer hydrogels exhibit drastic...more


Lab Views Meetings and Events
Birmingham Views Other
Group Photos:
Fall 2015
From left to right: top - Shahriar, Sithira, Srikanth, Adam, Fei, Veronika, Nirzari, Aaron, Will; bottom - Bing, Jun, Eugenia, Danielle, Miranda
Fall 2014

From left to right: top -Shahriar, Will, Fei, Veronika, Sasha, Srikanth, Fox, Aaron; bottom - Bing, Alejandra, Eugenia, Miranda, Jun
Fall 2013 From left to right: top - Xing, Fei, Mark, Veronika, Sasha, Eugenia; bottom: Yun, Bing, Will, Jun, Claudia Summer2013
Fall 2012 From left to right: bottom-Yi, Fei, Eugenia, Will, Xing; top-Sasha, Veronika, Yun, Jun Fall2012
Fall 2011 From left to right: bottom-Stephanie, Yun, Jennifer, Jun, Allison; middle-Veronika, Sasha, Will, Shawn, Eugenia; top- Xing, Yi Fall2011b
Fall 2010

From left to right: Eugenia, Xing, Jun, Yi, Ben, Shawn, Veronika, Sasha, Will


 Chelyabinsk State University, Russia

 Map of chelyabinsk state university









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