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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Shanta Dhar

Assistant Professor
Postdoc 2007-2010, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Postdoc 2006-2007, Johns Hopkins University
PhD, Indian Institute of Science
679  706-542-1012


current Research

Our research interests lie at the interface of chemistry and biology with particular emphasis on nanocarrier mediated delivery of metal-based drugs for their potential applications in various diseases and in the development of nano-vaccines. We are focused on interdisciplinary approaches for drug development. Our lab strategically place research at the interface of biological chemistry and nanotechnology. The progress for targeted delivery in specific cell organelles is limited. Our research is directed to develop organelle targeting polymeric nanoparticle-metal complex constructs, and to study nanoparticle assisted targeted delivery and the anticancer properties. Our lab develops technologies that use a combination of conventional methods of cancer treatment and immunotherapy in a single nanoparticle platform to provide powerful low-cost tool to treat cancer in humans.

Selected Publications

Wen, R. ; Umeano, A. C. ; Francis, L. ; Sharma, N. ; Tundup, S. ; Dhar, S.Mitochondrion: a Promising Target for Nanoparticle-based Vaccine. Vaccines2016.
Pathak, R. ; Dhar, S. Combined Chemo-Anti-Inflammatory Prodrugs and Nanoparticles. Synlett 2016, Accepted.
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Wen, R. ; Banik, B. ; Pathak, R. K. ; Kumar, A. ; Kolishetti, N. ; Dhar, S.Nanotechnology Inspired Tools for Mitochondrial Dysfunction Related DiseasesAdv. Drug. Deliv. Rev. 201699, 52–69.
Pathak, R. K. ; Dhar, S. Unique Use of Alkylation for Chemo-Redox Activity by a Pt(IV) Prodrug. Chem. Eur. J. 201622, 3029-3036.
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Pathak, R. K. ; Marrache, S. ; Harn, D. A. ; Dhar, S. Mito-DCA: A mitochondria targeted molecular scaffold for efficacious delivery of metabolic modulator dichloroacetate. ACS Chem. Biol. 20149, 1178-1187.
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